Ret Pvp - Convince me?

I'm sorry to tell you your vanilla experience means nothing in MoP.

You may be having problems with ret but until you understand the real cause for those problems (gear, experience), then you will never learn how to make this spec work.

You're still not listening. I never had problems making Ret work, I simply moved on to something equally fun to play and far better designed; my intent is not to discourage new players but help them fully understand what they are setting themselves up for.

If you truely enjoy Retribution and feel you're playing it to it's full potential, then I'm happy for you. I've simply had a different experience and can no longer see it the same way you do. Call it lack of experience if you wish though it is not the truth, I just got tired of being a glutton for punishment and closing my eyes to it's flaws.
Your a good player and a respected ret and your probably a better ret then I will ever be..
BUT.. (I eat lobster, best way is to boil it fresh for 5 min, take the tail off, cut the tail in half longways and throw it in the BBQ.. Serve with a squeeze of lemon and some cracked pepper)
There's always a but..
I think the main point he is trying to make is pitting ret against other specs and classes, we under perform.
An example of this is my own experience, as I stated before, I'm nothing special I have 1900 xp in arena and 2.1k in rbgs and I was proud of that, took me a long time to achieve..
Come 5.1 ( was behind the gear curve coz I dinged a couple months late) I struggled to get past 1700 in both rbgs and arena..
I dinged my dk 1 week before 5.2, other than leveling had never played my dk at end game..
In 4 weeks of playing a dk I have achieved more on my dk then I ever did in my ret.
You might argue that perhaps in a better dk then ret.. That may be true.
You might say I'm playing an OP class but compared to FoTM classes, dks are nothing.
More realistic is the idea that perhaps ret, while some may excel, generally sucks as a spec and needs some solid reworking.

Mop has changed wow.. It's full of cc, instant casts, self heals ect.
We are considered a hybrid support dps class.. Well look what they did to shadow priests..
There's no more paper scissors rock in this game.. Everyone is the same, there's little difference between a caster and a melee other than the range they can use their abilities at..
Ret has just been left behind the 8 ball.
Lobster logic: If your opinion about my class is different than mine, you're bad at the class.

Well his name is actually quite cleaver and relevant to a ret paladin.
Lobsters are actually the bottom feeding scavengers of the ocean yet when other people see them or catch them, they get all excited and hungry because they no they are about to have a nice tasty meal.
Kinda like a ret queuing into an arena or rbg.

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