Why are hunters providing such a hassle?

Hell, I can fight skilled mages and rogues but when it comes to a hunter I feel their winning purely based on their class. Every time I encounter them I'm usually missing a few cd's but none the less a keyboard turning hunter pops stampede and f's my sht up... wth
04/17/2013 12:11 AMPosted by Ragoro
Every time I encounter them I'm usually missing a few cd's

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I can beat a Hunter as Prot!

I would suggest trying Shockwave or Dragon Roar over Blade storm, also once you've used StormBolt avatar is crap!

Stormbolt is awesome against ranged players when they blow CD's to root you. It also hits demos for 150k
I can beat a Hunter as Prot!

No you can't.
04/17/2013 05:20 AMPosted by Weepea
I can beat a Hunter as Prot!

No you can't.

Yes I can
a good BM hunter should not lose to a warrior. It's that simple.
Everyone has an anti-class.
They aren't that hard, I personally have more trouble against demo locks who seem to do more damage than me even when I'm on their face in melee.

For hunters, be sure to master banner safeguard when they root you. I see you take MSR, it's not as good as Safeguard. Also Piercing howl is better in this case and you should always have your slow on them.

If they're using traps, you could try and Spell reflect them. It'll basically disarm the trap and render it useless.

Replace Avatar with Stormbolt or Bloodbath. Avatar is useless if you don't have any uptime on your target. When they pop all their CDS and zoo, fear. Take Shockwave instead of Bladestorm.

It's an uphill battle in which they have all the advantages, but keep trying.
04/17/2013 12:46 AMPosted by Guykild
Every time I encounter them I'm usually missing a few cd's

Asked and answered.

He meant that when he uses a cd for something against hunter, hunter uses something else but he cant counter it because he does not have cds
Example. hunter have mass root cast. It goes like this. root root root root root, so if you broke one it will get replied, 2 deterrence + sleep + concussion blow. aint nothing you can do about it.
It feels like Hunters are our anti-class this expansion. Mages aren't a problem anymore, I find myself beating even skilled mages pretty handily. Now, all of a sudden hunters are F-ing me up on a regular basis, I see a few reasons for this:

1) They get the jump on us.

In previous expansions, even if hunters started to gank us and took 25% of our health right off the bat, we could recover, charge, get the hamstring off and take them down handily. Therefore hunters would rarely try for a gank.

These days, they can unload, take us down to 65% of our health before we can start damage, blow their deterrence and outlast us. So there's more of a perception that warriors are easy targets for them, so they go for it.

2) Pet root. Between their traps and the pet root, we don't have much up-time.

3) Physical ranged damage. Can't stay alive with spell reflects if so much damage is physical.

I'll try out Storm Bolt, haven't really used it all too much since I've been happy with Avatar. But I'll give it a try. See if it helps.
Everyone has an anti-class.

ours are mages, dks, pallys, rogues, hunters, locks, priests, shamans, monks, druids... am i missing one?
Pet stuns are stupid in arena btw... especially when that same pet has a root
and they are getting a buff in 5.3... so expect more crying... and i hate their crows that follow ya around pecking your head even if ya kill one...

and they dont seem to need resistance gear or pvp power. the other day one came in a random bg and with an average of 490 gear.. i am in full mal gear with ty weapon adn three other ty pieces. our dps was the same at the end of the battle and we died just about the same. we won the event.. but our ribbing them before the match began probably had no effect...

now with 5.3 coming... i can see how a 534 hunter will be op in random bgs with a passive 65% resistance. even though their gear will be reduced to 496 they will still be pretty powerful.

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