Beginnings and Endings

WoW is DEAD!

Not really, but for most of us it has been a long time since we started playing.
Thinking back to when you first started playing the game.
What motivated you to start playing?
Why do you keep coming back?

For me I wanted a game I could get into that didn't end after 8 hours that had good action and a large world.
Now it's the pvp and the friends I've made over the years that keeps me coming back.
I had been playing Everquest on and off for a few years casually with a friend. Got invited over to his house to try this new thing called "World of Warcraft" It was the beta.

Well I rolled a toon, made it to level 8 and died. Started cursing as I was prepared for a long annoying run to my corpse when he stepped in.

"Crap I died!"
"Shawn, click the release button"
I did
"See that spirit?"
"Speak to it"
I did
"Wait..... what does this mean...????,...????"
"Yea man, you never have to run to your corpse again if you don't want to, oh and you don't lose exp when you die either."
"Cool, I'm uninstalling EQ when I get home. WoW for life!"

Anyway, that was my first memorable exp in wow. I shared an account with that friend until BC when I got my own, didn't do anything serious just leveled my lock, played with my wsg 19 twinks, and hung out.

Took a small break at the end of wotlk til the end of cata. Been going strong since. Didn't really realize how much I have missed this freaking game.

What keeps me coming back? Crap, it use to be PvE, I was in a competitive raiding guild on my old server. Always looked forward to raid nights! Now that I'm on a pvp server I enjoy doing just about anything. PvP has sucked me in pretty hardcore.
I started in 2004 during beta.

My brother moved to Hollywood. He wanted to be a screenwriter. Haha. So we used the World of Warcraft to hang out I guess. We met a few people and formed a little click. We spent most of Vanilla, taking forever to level and just ran around ganking. Played as an undead priest on Blackrock and were some of the people that got a free transfer to Daggerspine.

I have been quitting and playing off and on ever since.
I was introduced to WoW by my lil bro. At the time I was a Civ adict and played world ranked laddder matches (9th in the world baby! For a brief stint)

I didn't want to get addicted to another game so at first I was hesitant. My first toon was a pali. I was a clicker and keyboard turner untill Wrath. No one bothered to tell me I was doing it wrong, lol. So to improve I had to relearn the game.

My first toon was a paladin. I still consider him my main. I remember when I first started playing, you know the sound of coin when you loot?, well this rogue was questing near me and I thought he was pickpocketting me! So I got the #$F%% outa there. Lol.

Why do I still play? Its the great job Blizzard does in coming up with new ideas and new content and a great gaming environment. But mostly its the fact that I am constantly needing to learn something in this game. If I ever got too good. I would probably quit.
My best friend hounded me for a year to play WoW starting in BC. Then after he had given up, I decided to start a trial, and eventually started playing.

My friend, however, had apparently decided he no longer felt like playing anymore, and I've hounded him ever since trying to get him to consistently play again.

In hindsight, I should have never started playing.
Now it's the pvp and the friends I've made over the years that keeps me coming back.

Imagine MMO that revolves around social circles.

Thanks friends, you make this game dead.
I'm really excited for ToA, mostly because it isn't just another WoW clone. It has full open world pvp, permadeath after you lose a certain amount of lives, fully player driven economy, mount and blade style combat, a magic system that actually needs hard work put into it to get spells, and all sorts of other cool stuff. There are barely any NPC towns, most of the towns you will visit will be player run and most of the NPCs will be merchants or guards. There are no classes, just skills that you can specialize in.

I'll be giving it a try once (if) it ever comes out. I'll still play wow, but it will be nice to try something a bit harder and more rewarding.
I started playing in late 2005. I made a shaman on Whisperwind, got him to around level 30ish, then got deployed to Iraq. I didn't really have the time, or desire to play again until I got out of active duty.

Around June 2009 I picked up the game again after one of my roomates kept talking about it. I made a paladin on Mannoroth, leveled to 74, then had to quit again due to moving out of state.

February 2010 I started playing again on yet a different account since I couldn't recover my old one for some reason. I started leveling a hunter on Maiev, and got him to around 60 before I decided to try an alt.
The alt's name was Bebbit.

I played him for a while on Horde, had a small 3 week stint on Alliance, then transfered to KJ with the rest of Mal Intent. A couple months after the transfer I had to quit for a few months do to technical issues with my internet.
Once they were resolved and I started playing again, I found out Keylog had created a guild on Alliance. At first I only made an alt over there, but after a couple weeks I moved all of my chars over.

Since then I've taken a couple breaks due to not having any motivation to play at the time. I keep returning though, because compared to the other timesinks I play, this one is the most fun. Plus I enjoy the community here, and start to miss the friends I've made.
I started playing much later than almost everyone here, only first picked up the game in the Ulduar patch. I was on Blackwater Raiders Horde-side, and never reached 80 while it was the level cap due to having around 6 toons at level 30-45 and never getting further than that.

When 4.0 came out though, I made this toon to try out the troll druid forms(originally named Pizzaform) and started to really like the druid. Hit cap around the time when Blackwing Descent came out, and was in a guild called The Dark Crusade. That guild fell apart, and the server was small and without good guilds, so I moved over to Darkspear Alliance-side.

Stayed there for all of Cataclysm and enjoyed the PvP, but never could find a decent guild that would stay together and active for more than a few months. I took about a break from around August to December the year mists came out, and I leveled as Alliance to 90 before deciding that I really wanted to go to a different server, hopefully with less people who cared only about how you were rated in PvP.

I came here mid-January (I think) and joined Warsong Clan initially, and it was pretty fun for PvP. However, some people joined it that I think helped lead to the GM's quitting, and the guild was deleted within a few days of him announcing on vent he was quitting. That's when I finally applied to VI, the guild that had partially influenced my decision to transfer here, and I got in. Took a short break recently, just because I didn't feel like going out to get a new subscription card (no taxes on that in stores in the area I live in, so it's cheaper), and also went on a trip anyways.

As for what keeps me playing, the biggest factor now has to be all the people here. When I first came over, people appeared to welcome me (except Ruinous, while I was in Warsong Clan) and I've enjoyed spending my time perusing the forums and listening or talking in vent even when not playing.
My best friend hounded me for a year to play WoW starting in BC. Then after he had given up, I decided to start a trial, and eventually started playing.

My friend, however, had apparently decided he no longer felt like playing anymore, and I've hounded him ever since trying to get him to consistently play again.

In hindsight, I should have never started playing.

Adding to this post with a proper history.

During my trial (during 3.1) I rolled a night elf hunter. When my friend was showing me the game he was in Darnassus and Teldrassil, so that area has always been nostalgic for me, even though I haven't rerolled night elf until recently.

That was on some PVE server I don't remember–when I bought the game I rolled a tauren druid on Frostwolf and played him to 20ish, until my friend suggested rerolling Scilla. Apparently one of his friends ran a guild there and could help us with gold and such, so I made a human mage.

Unfortunately that didn't work out since his friend wasn't active, so I floated around. I enjoyed my mage, but I bought BC to roll a draenei paladin. She was my main for a while, reaching 74 before I switched back to my mage and capped him at 80. I had taken a few months off from the game for classes, but when I came back I ended up in a steady guild. At some point we even tried to do ICC, although we were a casual guild and didn't get anywhere. I did grind enough badges to buy full Tier 9, though, that was cool.

Scilla was an interesting (but apparently dying server). It was where I became socially involved in the game. On Alliance, faction politics were dominated by Casual, the server's premier raiding guild. The GM was Forumpost, which I found funny, since he did also post on the forums a lot. He also stood idle on the AH bridge in IF, and I got to ogle his warlock epics.

During Wrath, I found out some co-workers played on Kil'Jaeden Horde. Their guild, The Vagrants, were a progression raiding guild, and I didn't know hardly anyone in it, so I didn't pay too much attention. I did roll some toons here, however. A troll hunter named Chilblane I leveled to around 44, before growing bored of him, and when 4.0 hit, a dwarf hunter to check out the redone areas.

The troll hunter had been in a couple of random guilds (including Waffle, I think) because I didn't want to bother the Vagrants (who I assumed all did nothing but raid and weren't accepting casuals). The dwarf's first guild was <Ruin>. I joined, saw all the weird demands to join the ruinous channel and other odd stuff, thought "This is too weird and huge for me, I'm out" and /gquit immediately.

So yes I was in Ruinous at one point.

Then I found another guild, that were rebuilding. Apparently they were a PVP guild that Ruinous stole a bunch of members from, and were highly upset about it. Their anger forever stuck with me, I guess, because I didn't understand why one guild would sabotage (their words) another. But I lost interest in my hunter and didn't play him again until he was transferred horde.

Cata apparently had killed off most of my Scilla guild. The leadership left for a PVE server and my remaining friends were planning on leaving too. My mage had hit 85 and was comfortably heroic-geared, so I bit the bullet and transferred him to KJ and joined the Vagrants. Scilla became a distant memory. And that is that.
Before I played WoW I was playing many RPGs (Final Fantasy, Alundra, Zelda) but I was never truly satisfied with those games because they always well.. ended. I told my friends (my junior year of high school) that I wanted to play an RPG that never ends :(. They looked at me as if I had three heads and told me "Thats called an MMORPG." I looked at them and said "whats an MMO?" Haha.

They took me to the Gamestop in china town (ironic) when we went to go hang out in Manhattan like we always do. My best friend grabbed WoW and placed it in my hands. I remember feeling extremely excited (at the time Wotlk was about to be launched and I didnt know that this game had expansions xD!) I got home ran to my computer waited 2 days for the game to install (I had a very bad computer at the time haha) then finally made my Avánii who I love to death :3!

I leveled throughout Wotlk (I had the pleasure of leveling when Vanilla quests were still around haha) so I never really got to see much end game content of Wrath, i actually didn't even know about the dungeon finder tool, mmo champ, addons, patches, so I played the game raw lol. Long story short I never really got around to raiding till cata launched. And now here I am! /bow /kiss
Was addicted to WC3 and figured anything with Warcraft in it would be fun, so got it with my friends at launch. I was like 12 so it's not like I had to actually to work hard at anything.

Now friends and this being my go to time killer keep me playing.
What motivated you to start playing?

I've been playing RPGs for a very long time. In fact, I own every RPG for the PlayStation that's been translated into English. I liked the stories behind them and the ability to customize my party. So when I discovered MMORPGs, I started playing Final Fantasy XI. I had a white mage that I leveled for around six months before I sold my game and quit.

Come 2004, I became close friends with someone who was really into the game. I didn't really want to play because I was busy with school/other games (especially Counter-Strike and Dance Dance Revolution). He eventually had to quit school after his sophomore year because he had really bad social anxiety and he found solace in WoW. I wanted to keep in touch with him because he was a really nice guy (in fact, I'm probably the only person who keeps in touch with him from my high school), so I started playing with him a month before The Burning Crusade came out. I rolled an Alliance warrior to level 57 on Black Dragonflight.

BC came out, so I rolled a Blood Elf Paladin on Darrowmere which I got to 70, where another IRL friend played. Then I made Zerokelvins (the original name of this toon), a Troll mage, on the server The Forgotten Coast, where a few IRL friends played after the second friend quit for the first time. This all happened in the span of maybe 5-6 months. We PvP, gank, and do other stuff in the game.

They quit and their guild fell apart, so I made a transfer to Burning Blade, where the second friend re-surfaced. I also transferred my paladin over and he became my main for about a year. I eventually made my way to becoming an off-tank (and later main tank), where we reached Mother Shahraz before WOTLK dropped, and I made my mage my main a couple months before WOTLK came out, and it's been my main ever since. Second friend quits for the second time in the process.

I made my way over to Crushridge around January of '09, where second friend is now playing with his cousin. I kind of told everyone I was playing around this time. Through pugging 25 mans, we eventually form the guild Sage, which I was a co-GM of. For about a year or so, we casually raided, but managed to get some pretty good players into our guild through pugging and stuff. Aside from raiding, we raided SW, did world PvP, and other crazy stuff in game. Eventually, the core 25 meets IRL, we have some fun times. We dealt with griefers and ninja looters along the way. I took it upon myself to warn people of the ninja looters on our server, which gets me banned from the forums multiple times for calling out people (despite having screenshots).

Come January 2010, some drama surfaces about how we don't raid much and how people keep getting left off the raid roster in favor of the second friend's girlfriend. I had gone to a basketball game that night (our college was playing their biggest rivals) and came back to drama in guild chat. Almost all the guild gquit and formed their own guild and said that the second friend's IRL friends couldn't join their guild, which eventually becomes the top guild on the server. Second friend quits for the final time and basically gets upset at me. We don't speak for almost two years as a result.

After some searching for a guild, I find one, but eventually couldn't make raid times with all the work piling up. I meet another friend who tells me he's willing to pay for my transfer/faction change to Kil'jaeden ($55 value for free), and that's how KJ ended up with me on their server. I end up being casual until November 2010, then joining a raid guild for a solid year and two months (until January 2012) before having to quit because of work/IRL stuff.

I come back August 2012 to find out that my guild had transferred to Tich, so I transfer with them. After finding out that the guild and its new members weren't really that talkative or helpful (although I still remain friends with their GM), I transfer back to KJ and found a new guild. I stuck with them for a while, then moved guilds again because I really wasn't doing too much there. Then I joined my current guild after a merger with another guild just recently. So there you have it, an abridged history of my experience with WoW.

Why do you keep coming back?

I guess it's the people, wanting to push myself to be the best, and (more recently) achievements. I have never quit for longer than eight months, and even then, I've kept my sub going. I've been playing daily (aside from my breaks) and it's always cool to meet new people, whether if it's fighting off the opposite faction or fighting off pixelated dragons. I've met some pretty cool people in game and also my share of jerks. Now another group of IRL friends are coming to play on my server. I guess it's a way of keeping in touch with people while having fun at the same time.
Side note: I've done my senior thesis (what we need to do before we graduate college) on WoW and how it can be used to help people with social anxiety as a tribute to my friend.
My husband introduced me to wow about 5 months after release. The only reason I started playing was I figured if I got his account he would get off his butt and do some thing else. Years later I am still playing and he has stopped. My first ever toon was a female dwarf rogue name famagama. I got all the way up to lvl 30 with no points in the skills. One day in South Shore (those that played in Vanilla know about South Shore and the constant wpvp) Some one freaked out yelling "HERE COMES A UNDEAD MAGE RUN" Right then I knew I had to play a mage.

The first few years I was a pve hero the best times ever was when the guild I was in would get together every Friday get drunk and raid. We didn't progress but had so much fun in vent. Who ever thought you could meet so many people online and talk to them! Around BC I started to pvp but continued to be a PVE hero until Cata.

I have met some really awesome people through the years some are gone but there are some that I still keep in contact with. I got the opportunity to meet a whole bunch of guildies in Vegas and the end of this month an old guildie whom I have knows FOREVER is coming to my town.

I spent most of my WOW career on the Server Gorfiend until it recently died. :(

Here is a stupid tid bit. The original name of my mage was Holyforest. I ended up adding a extra L because I got sick and tired of people inviting me to groups then kicking me because they thought I was a healer and it turned out I was a mage.

What keeps me coming back? The people and PVP makes me giggle.

Pebbles, I think your post here is a little too long, is there any way you could shorten it down for me? I just don't have the time these days to read complicated stuff like that, and it drains my energy and attention span that I could devote to posts like these.
I moved to WOW with a group of IG and IRL friends from a small MMO called Dransik. I started in Beta on Kil’Jaeden (same character, same name) and was lucky enough to experience things like blinking through the world; taking forever to level through Hillsbrad; and, ganking people on their way to Blackrock Mountain.

I remember when things like Faces of WOW were huge and playing the game was actually fun. I stopped playing through most of BC and came back mid-Wrath. When I realized that all I wanted to do in-game was pet battle and that PVP had disintegrated into whom can yell the loudest, I decided to take another break.

The most fun I’ve had in-game were with AAA, Dominus, the Vagrants, and (especially) Auphan. Oh, and drunk wpvp -- but everything is more fun with tequila. /rant (I tried to keep it short for you, Pebs!)
04/18/2013 08:02 AMPosted by Pretzul

Pebbles, I think your post here is a little too long, is there any way you could shorten it down for me? I just don't have the time these days to read complicated stuff like that, and it drains my energy and attention span that I could devote to posts like these.

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