16/16 Spriest LF 10M

Guild Recruitment
I am a 502 Shadow Priest looking for a 10M ToT progression group. I can raid any time of the day but I would prefer a morning raid, or late night raid.

I earned Firelord and Savior of Azeroth when it was current content on this priest. I have yet to accomplish any feats of strength in MoP but I know I am capable of doing so.

I currently stand at 16/16 N and 3/6 H

I have money ready and am willing to transfer A.S.A.P

Looking forward to hearing from you...
You can talk to me further at Monstercat#1322
Warriors of Avalon- Horde-US {Velen} Ten man guild

Hello Shadowmogu, we are currently seeking a strong rdps for our core progression team for an immediate spot. We are currently 9/12 ToT. We were 5/16 Heroic last tier. I am keeping this short and simple so please feel free to contact me for more info.

Raid Times:

Monday-5:30pm-8:30pm (Pacific Time)
Tuesday -5:30pm-8:30pm (Pacific Time)
Wednesday- 5:30pm-8:30pm (Pacific Time)
Thursday-5:30pm-8:30pm (Pacific Time)

-*Getting in touch with me*:

You can send me an email at [shaneconnolly35@yahoo.com]
You can contact me in game through real id {shaneconnolly35@yahoo.com}
<Missunderstood> an Alliance guild on Kirin Tor server (lvl 25) is now accepting applications/recruiting for a couple solid DPS for our weekend core group. This is a full time position, no bench warming. That being said we need you able to jump into the raid scene very quickly so we're asking for an ilvl in the 495-505 level. Lower will be considered just speak to me.

Core Raid Group 1 - Raid days are Sat-Mon, 7:00-10:00 p.m. CST.
We use a modified Suicide Kings loot distribution.

All walks of life are welcome, cool cats, new players and old, we are GLBT-friendly, and 18+ ( no exceptions). We are a couple of old WotLK 25m Heroic raiders that have recently returned to the game and are exploring MoP. Have a sense of humor, a knowledge of your class, and the desire to experience some organized raiding, or join us socially for an online place to call home.

If this sounds like fun to you then please by all means contact me in game or you can catch us on our website: missunderstood.guildlaunch.com, on Twitter: @missunderstoodw, at Facebook: Missunderstood Guild

Thank you for reading!

Guild Leader of Missunderstood

"To be great is to be misunderstood."

Guild Master Misshap (Tantrum#1150)
Officer Missfit (Missfit81#1397)
Officer Abendschon (BoyForPele#1478)
<Jinx> invites you to join us. We're looking for ranged dps

We're currently 9/12N.

Raid Times are 9pm- 12am PST (11pm-2am CST, 12am-3am EST) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. We only raid 9 hours a week and don't have time to mess around. You'll have to be good or it won't work out. Undergeared? We can work though that. Underskilled? Not so good.

<JINX> is a 25-man progression guild located on the Runetotem (US PVE) server. Our raiders and raid leadership are well-tuned in their roles and have extensive experience in the raid environment dating as far back as Vanilla WoW.

The J!NX Brand is a clothing company for Gamers and Geeks. Joining the J!NX Raid Team is an opportunity to experience WoW raiding in a unique environment. If you are an exceptional player with a good attitude, this is most likely the last guild you will ever join. If you're trying to balance your life, your job, and your family with your inner nerd, come hang with some like-minded individuals. This relationship does infer certain responsibilities: they pay for our vent/website, etc and you represent them appropriately by acting like a mature individual on the realm.

We expect 90% attendance from our raiders, so plan on being available for just about all scheduled activity. Guild membership is limited to adults (20+). Sorry, but this is a non-negotiable requirement.

Interested players should register at the J!NX Guild website and apply:
http://jinx.wowstead.com/ Click the “apply” button just under the class recruitment icons.

There will be competition for slots. It's a raid guild, after all. If you expect to be handed a “core position” from start, forget it. Such things are earned. Although we try to keep enough personnel for a full group 6, we expend considerable effort in swapping people in and out on farmed content so that everyone gets to play. On progression fights we roll with our best 25.

That said, all guilds are revolving doors and we know, historically, that somebody is about to remember they have a life/job/wife etc.

If you would like to inquire, the following Officers can help: Dagor, Ammeythyst, Whiteytighty, or Lugbruz (personnel officer).

For more info: Real ID- Lugbruz #1400 or JinxDagor#1357

We would love to speak with you and see if we are a good fit for one another at Realid: meganin1987@yahoo.com Battletag: Paticakes#1823

*We are 1/13H 12/12 Normal and have pulls on Heroic Ji Kun.


<Livid> (lv25) was formed by 6 members and officers of a US 367 guild late in the cataclysm expansion. We founded <Livid> because we felt as though our old guild was becoming too casual and we were looking to maintain and expand upon our hardcore raiding beliefs. We are proud to have obtained 3 Server-Firsts during MoP Launch and wish to continue pushing raiding progression throughout this expansion.

About us: We offer a mature raiding environment, with officers that have plenty of real life and in game leadership experience. We believe in pushing players to be the best they possibly can be without demoralizing them or putting them down. Min/Maxing is not an option for <Livid> players, but rather a norm. Attendance to raids is mandatory and non-negotiable. We use mumble exclusively.
Raid Schedule: Tue/Wed/Thur. Raid Times are: 9:00 – Midnight Server. With invites going out at 8:45 Server (server is on EST). We do 1 to 2 optional “Clean up days” On Friday and/or Monday. These days are not required attendance days and are not always scheduled. We usually only schedule these when the raid team is really wanting to push progression.
Our Raid Times in Other Time Zones:
7-10pm MST
8-11pm CST
6 – 9 PST

Our Server: Thrall is a HIGH POPULATION PVE server based in the New York Datacenter. Thrall is the 9th Largest horde populated US server. Thrall offers all the advantages of high pop without many of the disadvantages. Auctions move very quickly, high quality PUGs are easy to find, recruitment is better but we don't have the login ques or unreadable trade chat like many ultra high pop servers have.
Loot System: Loot Council with each raider getting a vote on who gets loot. The GMs make final decisions should there be a tie vote. This system has been a drama free loot system and many raiders really enjoy this system.
Expectations of All Raiders: Must have an exceptional understanding of your class and spec. Flawless raid attendance; raiding must be a top priority for you. We expect correct gemming, glyphing, speccing and reforging as well as the proper addons to manage your DPS/HPS/Uptimes, etc. We also require that your main raiding toon have leveled professions that are non- gathering professions. Pre-potting is expected on any boss encounter. Lastly, we require you have a stable internet connection and a computer capable of easily running World of Warcraft. We are an 18+ guild, prefer 25+. We do not allow trolling in trade chat or on the realm forums of any kind.

What we Provide to Raiders: Unlimited guild repairs are provided free of charge and we provide potions for all raiders. Flasks are provided some of the time, but we cannot always keep up with demand of the raid team. We also provide all enchants and gems to our raiders. When needed, extra guild bank funds are used to purchase BOE items for raiders. Anything we can do with guild bank funds to improve our raid team is done.

How To Apply:
If you would like to ask any questions or want any more information, please do not hesitate to contact our lead recruitment officer and co-GM, Paticakes, in Game- Real Id: MeganIn1987@yahoo.com or MoP Beta/Diablo Battletag: Paticakes#1823
Please visit our website and click on “Raid Application” at the top to fill out an application. Applications are not mandatory but are appreciated.
Guild Website (for info and to Apply!): www.lividgamers.enjin.com
<Sevèrance> is a laid back, 18+, raiding guild.. We are currently 6/12 with multiple <5% wipes on durumu. I have personal full-clear experience and am gm and raid lead. We are recruiting a tank, (warrior or pally), a healer (mw or hpally), and a ranged dps ( lock,hunter spriest) Raid times are 815-12 Tues, Wed, Thurs. WE are looking for reliable people who can understand mechanics and are willing to put in the work, we have fun, but we like to down !@#$. If interested for more info add me to btag. Alwayssunny#1332, or make a toon on Burning Blade (us) and whisper someone in my guild
Team Monkey is a 10-man morning/daytime Raid Team.

Full Info is as follows:

Loot: loot council
VoIP: vent
Raid Times: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm server time Monday, Wednesday,Thursday. Server is Central standard.
If you are applying as dps we expect you to equal players with your current gearscore in WoL.

Classes we could use:
Warrior-fury/arms LOW
Rogue LOW
Deathknight-frost/unholy LOW
Shaman-enhance LOW
Paladin-holy/ret NONE
Druid-resto/boomkin LOW
Monk-mistweaver/windwalker LOW
Shadowpriest HIGH HIGH HIGH

We are always on the lookout for exceptional players so do not be afraid to apply if a class is closed for now Exceptions will be made for exceptional players.

We offer:
Guild Website
Mumble Voice service
A professional raid environment
A fun environment to raid in

How you will pass the trial period without any issue:
BE punctual - BE on time every scheduled raid day 15 minutes before raid time.
BE ready - BE prepared potions/flasks/food (even if it is provided by the team). Have your gear optimized and do everything in your power to output more (heals/survivability/dps).
Attitude - We understand that not everyone's personalities fit; however, we expect you to act as you would in the workplace when faced with socially challenging situations ( don't be a baby).

add me anduriel#1298 or find william on eitrigg.

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