Stats help please.....

I'm being told 2 different things. Main guild Pally tank is telling me to worry about Block, Dodge and parry with mastery thrown in there as well over Hit/exp but yet all the guides say to cap hit/exp first. I'm a pve Prot pally. Please look at my gear and tell me if I'm dong anything wrong. >< Thanks!
Avoidance stats are Prot's worst defensive stats currently. You want to cap hit at 7.5% and expertise at 15%, then stack either haste or mastery.
General consensus is hit/expertise first to guarantee Holy Power generation, then either haste or mastery, whichever you prefer.

It sounds like your guildie is going off some mishmash of both Wrath and Cata mindsets. Mastery is block, now; haste, though, increases Holy Power generation and threat by reducing ability cooldowns and your global cooldown.
Well I just waisted 1250 VP on a necklace they told me to reforge. As you can see I am trying to get ready to raid with them. But it's been a hard road. Now I have to save up for the other neck piece. I know my hit is a bit high but I can work on that. Thanks for the advice though.
The haste/mastery necklace is the good one. o.O Just undo that dodge reforge.
Yeah, just remember:
hit/expt > haste/mastery > dodge/parry

With stam being "as much as you need", which is a painfully vague criteria that will depend somewhat on how geared you are compared to the content your doing as well as your healers.

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