[H] Birth of Tragedy 12/12 10m

[H] Birth of Tragedy is a 12/12 10m raiding guild currently recruiting one Healer and one DPS or Tank for our core raid group. As a guild, BoT has been raiding together since the end of Burning Crusade and we continue to work on progressing through new content and hard modes. We hope to fill our two missing spots ASAP and begin progression on HM Content!

Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings 6:30-10:30 PST.

Currently, we are recruiting one:
Resto Shaman
Holy Paladin
Mistweaver Monk

and one:
Frost/Unholy DK

One tank of any class!

Other Classes welcome to apply!

For more information, please whisper or mail Elliryanna, Ireionna or Kehoe in-game, or apply via the in-game application.
Resto Druid looking for a raiding group. been playing casually for a bit now but would like to get back to real raiding instead of just LFR.
We currently have a Resto druid already, and it doesn't look like you have much raiding experience. However, feel free to whisper or send a mail to Elliryanna, Ireionna or Kehoe in-game if your still interested.
I would be interested, I am a 500 lv ~ frost dk with blood OS, I have extensive raiding experience and I would be willing to interview. I will try to get ahold of you in game if not feel free to mail me.

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