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In WoW, I've played Spriest, Ele/RSham, Warlock, Boomkin/Resto Druid, and a bit of mage. I've decided I'm going to go out of my ranged "comfort zone" and go with something fresh and new. I need some play style comparison in arena for Ret and holy paladin, hunter, WW/MW monk, and enhancement shaman, if you guys don't mind. I have most of the honor needed for the full BoA set for which ever class, I just don't want to spend all of the honor and buy the gear until I get an arena play style idea first. Thanks in advance for any help.
Play a paladin. I always come back to Paladin, no matter which class I start in the expansion.
guys he wants an idea of why you pick X class

give him a description of why you like your pallys
I'm lower on this priest, but I've played a 90 one on friend's account just to see if I would like it at 90.

Glad to see that you really like your paladins, but like Celestials said, let me know why. Just because you like it, doesn't mean someone else will..
I can't play melee because I hate chasing people around. DK was an exception to this for a while but I still got tired of it and went back to my casters.
As an enh shaman I can give you my point of view of this spec.

I find it fun and challenging to play because of the many different ways you can support your team. Do I shock that fear? Do I let go through and tremor? Hold tremor for a burst or when the enemy team has cooldowns up? Shock the sheep or the heal?

Now I know there is depth in every class as far as strategy but as an enh shaman you are given many options to take care of your teammates with offheals, grounding traps, removing curses, termoring fears, etc.

This expansion you will get trained most of the time (not like there hasn't been a expansion where this wasn't true) so it requires that you be comfortable with that, and knowing that your defensives are limited. On the plus side the pressure and burst is quite good, coupled with some strategic planning it can be quite rewarding.
Play a Ret Pally.


Just in case we're secretly kept from buffs because there's already so many Paladins.
give him a description of why you like your pallys

I like my Paladin because I'm into self-abuse. The OP seems like a really fun-loving guy, and I hate fun. Paladin definitely isn't the class for him.
04/18/2013 11:38 AMPosted by Scirøn
give him a description of why you like your pallys

I like my Paladin because I'm into self-abuse. The OP seems like a really fun-loving guy, and I hate fun. Paladin definitely isn't the class for him.

ret's should still be very good at the ratings we are playing at
hmm well for hpali, it plays very different from every other healer due to holy power. now this can be good or bad depending on how you like it. but its probably the most defensive healer, a real treat in bgs cause you can live forever while tossing out heals forever. in arena its a different kettle of fish because you are very vulnerable to being cc'd while they kill your partner.

for ret, its a very active spec. you will rarely find yourself sitting on cooldowns (just a little bit now and then), and it has great support in terms of hands. ret is also pretty hard to kill in a bg setting, and you can make sure its hard to kill your healers as well.

enhance used to be kind of a mirror to ret but with holy power things have changed. ive always found enhance a bit "bursty" in flow, since their attacks have long cds, and they rely quite a bit on procs. still, totems also provide a lot of utility and support.
they are much squishier than ret but they are also better at killing casters due to wind shear and purge, and have slightly better mobility.

havent played monk or hunter extensively so i cant help you there.
Yeah I've never been one to be melee, but since I can't make up my mind with the ranged classes, I figured why not try something completely new and different. I know hunter is ranged, but by ranged, I mean the stereotypical "caster" types.
i'm kinda the opposite i have played nearly every melee class and only delved into ranged.

spriests are doing awesome right now in arenas, too bad you don't wana play him.

Maybe playing a hunter or MW monk would be a good bridge for you from range-> melee.

I went to warlock when I first made big switch to range and having KJC to be able to keep moving made things much more familiar.
Yeah I like lock a lot, but I really like affliction. Right now, destro and demo in most cases are both better than affliction and with corruption getting nerfed again, lock depends on the comp you are playing with. I've seen several comps train a lock from start to finish and just take him out completely with relative ease. I'm not sure if that was the lack of skill on the lock, the lack of peel from his teammates or a combination of both but I've seen it happen on multiple occasions. As far as spriest, I really like it, but to me it's very repetitive, kinda like boomkin with the eclipses. I know life swap is getting a huge nerf, so that's going to take spriests down a good bit. And yeah as far as ranged -> melee, who knows? I might end up back eventually at one of the ranged toons. But right now I'm basically an altoholic and I'm really trying to focus on 1 toon and focus on that one alone.
Thanks for the input so far, guys. Anyone have anything on hunter or MW/WW monk?
I remember hitting 90 on my ret, And to get a feel for the kiting and combat style, I proceeded to run around Kun-lai pulling and killing as many NPC's as I could.

When CD's were up, I felt like a one-shotting god that couldnt be stopped.
When they weren't, I felt like I was mashing the shiny buttons.

I don't think I could ever enjoy the "waiting for cd's" playstyle.
Holy was boring as well.

Thanks for the input so far, guys. Anyone have anything on hunter or MW/WW monk?

MW monks can be very, very very hard to kill. It's simply easier to CC them and go for their teammates. I don't play WW, but in my time against them, they hurt.

RoP seems to be propping them up currently, I look forward to see what kind of buffs they'll recieve once that ability is nerfed.
Yeah, I'm wondering if MW monk would be too close of the "caster" play style that I've been playing so I think I'll eliminate them and holy pally from my choices. Down to hunter, ret pally, WW monk, and enhancement shaman.
Is there one or 2 that give me more viable comp options than the others? I don't want to be stuck looking for one specific comp, since I don't have any RL friends playing to team with...

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