Class Recommendation - Changing it up

Arms has probably the most involved and un-cooldown-reliant rotation that I've played.
Not only that, but it's probably the most satisfying. The sounds and images from warriors just make you feel badass.
Best ability in game.
Nah, don't like warrior. I tried that and deleted it pretty quick. I don't like the "clunky" play style at all, and to me that's what it felt like.
Any more help? I know someone knows monk and Hunter. I'm waiting until I get my replacement naga back this week before I start up, so I got time to decide...
Down to hunter, ret pally, WW monk, and enhancement shaman. Anyone got any insight?
I love my Enhance Shaman.

If you're willing to get over the fact that you cant really heal outside of Healing storm x 5, they're not too bad. But I love the way all of their spells feel and sound, I miss Ghost Wolves being an offensive CD though, and the double purge :(

If you want to do healing and DPS, just roll a Ret. They play kind of similarly, but Ret has far, far more utility which makes them a little bit more "difficult". But Ret is a lot of fun too! I prefer the Elemental focus Shamans have on their moves, but if you prefer a Holy crusader then roll a Paladin.

I think WW might be similar to Enhance as well, but bringing more utility in with disarms and disables. I gave up DPS on my Monk at the beginning of the expansion and haven't had the time to pick it back up and re-gear.

Haven't really tried Hunter out this expansion. So I don't have much of an idea of how they are, my friends say the're really easy mode though.

Of course I'm nowhere near a great player, I have yet to reach high rating, these are just my opinions.
I don't mind the not being able to heal as much if the spec that I'm playing makes it very fun and makes me not want to switch to healing. I know ret pally comps are pretty common in arena so how do enhance comps generally fair? Pally healing is more of pillar humping and I hate that, so I think I'll eliminate that, so it would either be ret or enhancement.

As far as hunter, I've heard the same that they can be pretty easy mode. I like the pet idea, so I'm keeping that option open as well. I don't know much about monk either, so completely undecided on that one. Was hoping a monk or hunter would comment and give some opinion, or maybe someone that plays with one of those 2 in arenas.
Any of you that have posted know any good posters on youtube that have videos of enh, hunter, ww monk, or ret pally arena game play?
Still no hunters, enh shamans, or WW monks?

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