Can guardian druids solo them?
It takes some time but it can be done.
Yes. Did it repeatedly for a couple of hours when they came out to get my mount.
When they came out it was stupidly easy...
However with the buff to the warbringers (immune to stuns and interrupts) it takes a little more tact.

I solo'd a few just earlier today and got a mount i already had.
Key to it is, save your CDs like barskin when you take dmg while feared.
Use Nature Vigil with Incarnation / Berserk for self heals and bursting when you get low.
Stun the Vengeful Spirit, then Typhoon it away. (it will enver get back to you in time)
GG... loot him!!
Very doable nowadays. The only real change to the Warbringers that affects Guardian Druids is the new fear that can't be interrupted. Best advice is to grab yourself a 1.8k pvp trinket and /lolololol. Keep in mind that you will get feared at least once with this, but being feared 1/2 the time is still better than eating every single fear under the sun.
Yep. Solo'd several of them. Still no mount but I am exalted with damn near everyone now.
I really want Blizz to make them kitable again...they are kind of a PITA right now unless your a hunter. It really was fine that people were solo kiting them :/

Current easiest solo specs, Blood DK (typical) Prot Warrior and Brewmaster (pretty solid mitigation).
Blizzard stated that Warbringers were supposed to take a group to kill, and the changes reflect that view. The Warscouts are the soloable form of them.

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