Rich and Successful 8/14 Heroic LFM

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Rich and Successful 10 man raiding guild is looking for:

9-10 dps and 2 healers, preparing for Warlords of Draenor.

We need 2 dps and a tank for our current SoO progression as well.


Feel free to app as any spec/class, always considering good players.

We raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 6-10 Server time. to apply and more information.

Whisper Abz (AbbyMeow#1475) or Cda in game for questions.
Package deal looking (Prot Pally, SV Hunter). Both have plenty of end-game HM XP in multiple roles.

If you can adapt, I have a high-end SV hunter with me, usually top or close to it. Not one to pass up.
We don't really have a core spot for another hunter.

Just in need of a healer right now really.
bump. Resto shamans plz
12/12 COME TO US
  • Still looking? Warrior tank here!

    If link does not work it is because I just transferred to this server.
    feel free to drop an application at :)
    all of our love towards a solid tank <3
    not even a mage?
    All the way from Emerald Dream, impressive
    Resto Shamans.. do they even exist :O
    horridon is our second kill, not the easy peasy jikun:p

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