<Envy> 4/13hm LF 1 Mage or 1 Disc Priest

<Envy> Currently 4/13 is looking for one Mage or Disc Priest for core spot. We raid Friday 11:00 pm CST and Saturday 6:45 pm CST. Continuing heroic progression.

About us:

We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild that formed mid tier 14 and cleared 10/16hm before it ended. We plan to go strong into this tier making our mark on this server letting people know who we are. We support a no drama zone while raiding and in guild.

Our needs: Currently Recruiting for 1 healers and 2 tanks

Any exceptional players are as well welcome to join

Paladin: Closed
Prot: Closed
Holy: Closed
Ret: Low

Death Knight: Closed
Unholy: Low
Frost: Low
Blood: Low

Mage: Open
Frost: High
Fire: High
Arcane: Medium

Druid: Closed
Guardian: Closed
Resto: Closed
Feral: Closed
Moonkin: High

Hunter: Closed
Marksman: Low
Survival: Low
Beastmastery: Low

Shaman: Closed
Resto: Low
Elemental: Low
Enhancement: Low

Warrior: Closed
Prot: Low
Arms: Low
Fury: Low

Priest: Healer Opening
Discipline: High
Holy: Closed
Shadow: Closed

Rogue: Closed
Combat: Low
Subtlety: Low
Assassination: Low

Warlock: Closed
Affliction: Low
Destruction: Low
Demonology: Low

Monk: Closed
Mistweaver: Low
Windwalker: Low
Brewmaster: low


500 ilvl minimum.
Good attitude.
Extensive knowledge of your class.
Always prepared.
Willing to swap to an alt if possible *optional*.
30 or more fps "During" combat.
No last minute daily procrastination *we all pay the same 15 dollars a month dont waste our time because you forgot to get your tokens*.
Willing to reroll if possible.


Apply on our website today!

For further questions pst Ashyarrows, Seaverian, Shadypaladin, Shadymage, Shadyknight, Shadypriest or Shadydruid in game or add Ashyarrows#1440
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