Relentless 8/12 LF 1 Healer

Relentless is looking for 1 Disc Priest, Holy Priest, Resto Druid or Mistweaver Monk for our ToT 10 Man Progression, we are currently 8/12 and looking for a dedicated Healer, we provide flasks, feasts, pots and repairs to raiders.

We are willing to take any healer that knows their class and is looking to raid, all we are looking for is iLvL 500+
Our Raid Nights are Tues/Wed/Thurs from 6-9 Server

Contact Studderoxorz, Joepepitone, Lacylonglegs, or Udderbullsht for information or reply to this post if interested
Leonblack#1910 is my realID
Resto Druid looking for a raiding group. been playing casually for a bit now but would like to get back to real raiding instead of just LFR.
Add me on realID and when i get off work we can talk
^ just need one healer still
need a shaman?

504 resto/ele (or ele/resto) about similarly gear. I've been healing for a long time but wanted to try ele this expansion. Looking for a raiding group since my guild is no longer raiding. I have 6/12 experience and looking to make progression in ToT.

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