Siege on Orgrimmar

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Is that what its being called? I dunno, but anyway. Here's how it should go down.

Your raid group battles heroically through Orgrimmar, downing countless kor'kron in a fantastically fabulous way with the other heroes of your selected faction. We battle past the siege engines, past the Sha manifestations and even past the enslaved beasts that have been trained to kill the traitors to the Warchief.
You and your companions finally break through to Grommash Hold, only to find it empty. You scan the room like a hawk looking for its prey, and there you see it, a shadowy figure hushed behind the seat of power. As you approach it you hear a deathening gurgle, and out from the shadow comes "Warchief" Cookie!
'Coward'! You scream as blizzard chuckles.
please tag your spoilers
We need more Cookie..

That guy made Deadmines for me

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