Killing a Resto Druid in 2s

Ok so I played a Rogue/Resto Druid earlier in 2s, the map was Dalaran Sewers. I am running with a holy pally. We ended up not being able to kill the druid, any help on what could have went differently would be greatly appreciated.

About 10 minutes into the game, we ended up killing the rogue.

The Druid decides to be "That Guy" and starts kiting. I know that he still has treeform, we killed the rogue while he was CCed and hadn't popped it yet. He has constant HoTs on himself, which I am unable to tranq/purge because of him kiting the boxes. He stays at one box until I either frost trap or explosive trap, he then uses displacer beast just to get to the other one. Each time, he would have his healing mushrooms up at whichever box he was at.

I wait for all cooldowns, including readiness, to be up. We force a trinket and get ready to kill him

Communicating with my healer, he tells me that he is going to start with a HoJ, seeing as this is a stun and it is the longest stun that our team has we did not want it to be DRed. Seeing as I need to do as much damage as possible, I do not have the time or globals to use Tranquilizing Shot to get rid of his HoTs while he is in this crucial stun. As he HoJes, I pop bestial wrath, offensive trinket/ rapid fire, and send my pet in blazin. I use Kill Command, Blink Strike, Glaive Toss, a few Arcanes. As the HoJ is ending , I scatter and wait for Kill Command to come off its cooldown. When it comes off its cooldown, I use it in conjunction with a cobra shot (widows venom and serpent sting are now up on the target), and continue my damage. After that Kill Command, my offensive abilities (Blink Strike/Glaive Toss) Are still at about 14 and 8 Seconds left on cooldown respectively. I silence, and get ready to use readiness. He is at probably around 50% health. With about 7-8 seconds of up time on him and him having HoTs, I do not think this is a terrible place to be.

As of now: Stuns are DRed, Silence is DRed, Scatter is DRed.

I use readiness and Re-pop offensives (No Stampede or offensive trinket now), and use KC/BlinkStrike/Glaive Toss. I go into my pet stun (now off of DR, 3 secs), 2 Arcanes, Silence (DRed, 1.5sec), Arcane, and Intimidation (Less than 1sec), and I can get him to right around 35%.

Out of this, either Typhoon off the ledge or NS Cyclone. Tree Form. Healed to full.

Any ideas on what I could have done differently?

ALSO, this is what I focused on doing, there may have been slight errors (a blink strike before a Kill Command or something) but I don't think it would have done 35% more damage either way.

This is something that I could do every 5 minutes, and it ended up the same way every time. On top of his ability just to switch forms out of slows, and the endless trouble I have trying to catch him in the first place, doing everything perfectly as I described would not have killed him. (not saying I did it EXACTLY perfectly, but I understand what I thought I had to do and did it to the best of my ability).So any suggestions?
well first, this is kinda mild qq but its not that bad.

to kill a healer, you need very well-timed cooldowns. you need to catch him in human form, with tree on cooldown, then scatter trap him.

wind up powershot, use blink strike, stampede, and stuns and kill him in like 6 seconds.

In this situation, yes I do think Powershot would have been the best bet. Unfortunately, I did not have that talent, nor do I use it so I was basically left with an improved version of Arcane Shot with a snare (Glaive Toss) and no ramp up time needed with a scatter.
The trick to kill a resto druid is hard swap. Just stay on his partner until the druid blew his CD's, by that, I mostly mean tree form.

Once that is blown, wait until the druid isn't prehotted and hard swap on him, popping all your CD's.

Rdruids need to be caught off guard without their HoTs to be killed. Also, if you think you can somewhat force a barkskin before you do that big hard swap, to make sure he really doesn't have anything to save himself, then go right ahead.

Its really about taking them off guard.
That is your problem right there ... Glaive Toss

Also, you said """ I am running with a holy priest. """ but talk about HOJ ... if its a priest then MC the druid off the side and nuke him while he runs for the steps and then for a box. If it is infact a Pally (which im guessing it is due to your Armory) then, your pretty much screwed and might want to think about having him go Repent instead of FoJ due to Stun DR.


get rid of Glaive Toss its for PVE try Powershot which is OP enough atm that it is getting nerfed next patch.
I dont want to give you negative feedback but,.. honestly druid healers are the easiest to kill of healers. they are broken! but you were on the right track.. it is easier to kill a resto druids healing target as there heals are not that good anymore. Disc priests on the other hand...
the way u kill a druid healer is with healing reduction and cc. he already has 25% so if you have any... its going to overwhelm them. I kill them all the time but i can slow them. i think i might have a class advantage over them. next patch they will be completely worthless as the healing reduction will go to 45% and that stacks with DKs and warriors healing reduction.
ALways run powershot in 2s.
how did ur holy priest cast hoj?
!@#$ I meant Pally sorry guys Ill edit it
Healers should get PvPP to damage, and this wouldn't happen as often as it does
"Stay healed my friends"

-The most interesting resto druid in the world

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