Warlock Quest - Final Boss!

Really!!!! Why in the heck is the last boss of the warlock quest so hecking hard!!!! This is a load of heck to make a stupid boss so hard all to change your stupid fire color! It makes it not even worth it and not fun!!!! I've tried this stupid boss over 50 times and others over 400!!!!


1) Make it a group quest so warlocks can group on the same quest!!! Even back in the day when warlocks had to quest for the mount and fought the final boss in Dire Maul ...you had a group! This freaking boss clearly calls for a group!!!!! It's not like we getting a new spell or making our spell stronger.... it's just changing the color for flipping sakes!! I never seen a Pally having to do a quest for their mount!!! Even the crapping Rogues, Hunters, Mages, and Warriors never had it this hard on "ANYYYYYYY" of their class quest!!! Warlocks are alwayyyysss getting dumped on!!!


2) Make it so the Pit Lord doesn't break your control...... He breaks my control only after 2 minutes or less... Really??? It's like summoning a doom guard like back in the day.... trying to control him while fight another mob then he breaks every minutes sucks .... especially when fighting "60 imps or 3 Fel Hunter" while trying to dodge 2 spells that can 1 shot you ....if the freaking dots don't ge t you first!!!!!


3) Lower the boss Health .......ILLIdan and Magnoroth didn't have noooooooo where close to that kinda health!!! Seriouslly!!!


4) Make it a 3 player quest for any class and allow the other 2 non-walocks a chance for gear reward.


5) Get rid of those two spells that can 1 shot you!!!! Really get boss down to less than 20% then get 1 shot by a spell because your "1 pet" spell that can interupt boss is on cool down!!! Make it do 40% health damage or some else .... Really 2 spells that can do "1.5 MILLION" damage in "1 shot" is freaking RETARDED ... all just so a warlock can change the color of his fire spell!!! Really!!!!? What other boss in the game does that much damage right now .... none in 25man Raid Pandaria for sure... so why must a lone warlock must put up with this unneccessary damage??? Really???
yeah, devs have admitted it's overtuned. not that that means anything... good luck to you...

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