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Mobile Bug Report
I downloaded the armory application then uninstalled it, yet it still showed me as logged on in guild chat as mobile chat away. It keeps showing me as online at random times as both mobile chat active and mobile chat away, even when I have uninstalled the application. I waited for restarts, and that did not fix the issue, it still keeps happening. The only way I can get it to leave my character logged off is if I set it to a random toon I never play anymore, but if I log on to the World of Warcraft website and want to look at this character, it automatically switches me back over to mobile chat away on this toon -.-. What can I do to fix this issue for good? It also saves my guild chat logs, and I will try to delete them and uninstall the application again, but when I have to reinstall it to set it to the random character, it has all the conversations that I once deleted saved back onto the application.
I'll look into the web logging issue you reported, where it switches you back to Mobile Away when you login with the above character on the website.

As for the core issue itself, if you reinstall the Mobile Armory, go to Guild Chat with the character that is experiencing the issue, login, and then sign out of Guild Chat (not the app itself). Once you've confirmed that you're offline, log out of the app. Now you can uninstall.

If you signed into multiple devices (phones, tablets, portable music devices, etc.) with your account, you may need to perform these actions per device.

I very rarely encounter this myself but these steps have been proven to work in most cases, as this should hit all of the WoW status logic related to logging you out and placing you into an Offline state.

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