Dragonsoul is the Goal

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I just came back into the fold. I missed out on Cata in a big way! Gearing my rogue for the endgame and lost my computer due to technical issues. Before my disappearance I just started my quest for the legendary rogue daggers. and was only able to raid Dragonsoul a few times. Coming back into the fray, Everybody is on their way to gearing up for the 90 content. and trying to get into a dragonsoul raid seems to far and in between. I'd hate to say it but im thinking about leaving my realm, my Guild just to find some people to raid this content with.
Is there Guilds out there raiding DS still. Leaving the realm is the last thing I want, But Dragonsoul is the ultimate goal.
and if there is not any guilds doing it, are there any players out there that wont mind raiding dragonsoul once a week?
Although I haven't used the site recently, signing up to http://openraid.us is probably your best bet to clear old content.
We usually do it every week but we have a resident Rogue :) I'd ask around - you'll find a Guild that's either still running it or that will be happy to run it in return for you giving them the achievement :)

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