495 Spriest Experienced...Back into raiding.

Hello, 495 Spriest looking to get back into raiding again I used to raid on my old main ( Hpally) but got sick of healing after 7 years. I have a pretty flexible schedule, I dont want to get into a hardcore raiding guild looking for a decent 10 man that is chill but doesnt suck and gets !@#$ done.
can contact me at baumgart2@yahoo.com
you are literally perfect for our raid group and i can give you a starting core spot thehutch#1563 is my battletag hit me up i would love to talk to you


<The Ascended> is a newly formed 10 man guild on Arthas comprised of highly skilled, laid back raiders. We are formed mostly of a group of friends who have been playing together since TBC and Wrath and returned to the game for 5.2. We have a history of consistently topping the charts and have little doubt we won't push content. We would like to experience end game again at a semi hardcore level, and are in need of Ele/Restro Shaman, Warlock, and Restro/Boomkin to join our core 10 man team. Other classes are always welcome to apply!

We offer a social environment which doesn't end when the raid does. We are mostly college students (22+) and are usually always on vent in the evenings, whether it be messing around in Azeroth or just chit chatting!

We raid 8-11 pm Server. Wens/Fri/Sun.

If this sounds good to you or if you have any questions, please contact Insaneopyro in game or at Insaneo#1414

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