503 Mage LF Raid Team

I am looking to move my mage to a PST server to raid (current server is EST and does not have late night raids anymore). Ideal raid time is 9PM to Midnight PST 2 to 3 times per week. Best days Sunday, Monday, Tuesdays and/or Wednesday.

I am reliable and do my homework on fights

Contact me on Godfather#1114
Indecent Exposure is a semi-hardcore guild on Proudmoore made up of long time raiders with progression in mind. We are a late night 10m striving to push heroic content at our own pace with a competitive and fun attitude.

Raid Times:
Tuesday 9pm - 12am PST
Wednesday 9pm - 12am PST
Thursday 9pm - 12am PST

We may schedule additional raid nights during progression.

Roster is currently looking for very skilled Mage, but always looking for excellent players of any kind to recruit and rotate into main group.

Any questions please contact Rennexx, Berianther (or anyone else from guild really as we're all pretty close) in game! Or head to our website at www.indecentexposurepm.enjin.com

6/6H 3/6H 1/4H T14
1/12 Heroic T15
The Midnight Society (25) Is more or less a casual group that likes to down bosses. We are in dire need of a good mage or tank, anything besides a dk will work. We are 4/12 and raid fri/sat 8-11pm server. If you're interested please send in game mail to Liquidated/Chrisykins with your exp/ilvl. Or of course reply to this post. Thank you!

Yubbnubb BattleTag: Melanoleuca#1370
Liquidated (GL) BattleTag: chrisykins#1559
Unfortunately, I usually can't run on Friday's or Saturdays, and Thursdays I can only make 50% to 75% of the time in the summer months.
Wouldn't be a big deal if you couldn't always make Thursdays.
Axiom of Proudmoore server is recruiting a tank and healer for a core raid spot while we progress into Throne of Thunder.


Non-paladin tank
Druid, shaman or paladin healer

DPS offspecs are beneficial, but not required.


Tuesday - Thursday
7:00 PM server time - 10:00 PM server time


4/6 Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults, 6/6 Heart of Fear, 4/4 Terrace of the Endless Spring, 8/12 Throne of Thunder

Please be raid aware, know your class mechanics and be up-to-date on boss fights. Players with applicable gear will be looked at above all other applicants for core spots, but Axiom is never adverse to taking on quality raiders! Get in touch with a member of Axiom in-game or on our website (axiomproudmoore.enjin.com/apply) to apply.

NOTE: Axiom is an 18+ guild. Younger applicants who are exceptionally mature and play at a high skill-level are still encouraged to apply.

<Mojo> was here! See forum post for recruitment details =)


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