(A)10M - Lords of Damnation Sat Raid Recruitm

Hi I am an officer and the raid leader for Lords of Damnation Saturday 10m Progression group. We are currently looking for a Healer with strong dps offspec for 2 heal fights. As well as 2 DPS; 1 ranged and 1 melee.
Heal Classes we don't Have - (Priest, Paladin)
DPS Classes we don't have - (Hunter, Warlock, Rogue, Death Knight)

We are a close group thats almost like a family. We have been raiding together for 3 plus years now and the core group is a great group of people that prefer a stress free environment. The Saturday group was formed as a few members wanted to raid but due to school and work on the weekdays nothing was available. So this group was formed and it proved very successful.

A few rules:
*No Loot !@#$%s
*No Raging
*No Finger Pointing (etc during wipes)

Raid Time is at 530-6 Server - Sometimes it starts late due to family or work emergencies.

If you are interested leave a response below and I will contact you.
For more information Contact me in game on Kelthar, my main, or Draev my alt.
I am a 503 ilvl holy paladin, if you are interested in talking add ronaconda#1631 on btag.

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