Glory of the Pandaria Raider Team

Earthen Ring
Poofy bring a toon over and heal us plz
pay for it
like i could afford that
figure it out
yeah gurio figure it out
ya what they said :-P
Dordrey will heal (I've healed heroics since they became a staple in raiding available except last tier apparently and if you need logs look at any of the catch phrase logs for ToT on wowlogs)

Going to ask in guild later and see if I can find more healers. Also, there's always a way Gurio :P
I feel so important. Everyone wants Gurio to xfer me to horde :D
i spend all my money on booze and tobacco products
just suck a few dicks man
We need 2 healers (Probably a Disc Priest and Resto Shaman pref.), so if you know any skilled and pretty well geared healers, let me know.
thank you for completely ignoring my offer
*sigh* read a few posts above dordrey
Ah, I think I talked to Gurio about it, but forgot to post about it, but anyways, I already declined one Holy Paladin, because we have one on the team currently. It'd be pretty hypocritical of me if I accepted your offer and not his. Anyways, I can put you on standby if you want, and if you're on and we need you, then we can pull you in.
No its ok I cant make the time anyway just rather you talk to me next time not someone from guild (im like always on)
i thought i told you but maybe i was imagining things. I was relaying a message from when I talked to poppin when you weren't online
First raid is Saturday you sexy people! Do your homework!

Here's some boss videos

H Stone Guards:

H Feng:

H Gara'jal:

H Spirit Kings:

H Elegon:

H Will of the Emperor:
you might want to pay someone who actually has done the meta derrrrrrrp

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