1900+ RBG team LF steady FDK target caller.

Currently 1900+ RBG team from Bleeding Hollow looking for one Frost Death Knight with 1900+ experience for games tonight and possibly a permanent spot. Other than tonight we run Tuesday-Thursday 7pm EST( also server time). Must be extremely vocal and able to coordinate well with a boomkin.

Tonight's games will also begin at 7pm EST but is not one of our normal run times.

Please respond if you're interested.
I see you are living well after that 2012 hunt out for your head!
Ya know, I'm laying low for now. Getting involved in ganking lowbies seeing as I can't... Nevermind.
Bump for tonight!!
If you would consider an Unholy DK, then I am interested. I have 2300+ xp from Cata playing Holy Paladin and Resto Shaman. I recently returned to the game and I am loving my DK. I am tired of pugging and would like to find a steady team/guild. I am consistently top damage and vocal. Hit me up in game or respond here. I would love to chat on skype/vent regarding your strategies and expectations.

heyo, frost or uh, doesn't matter which. tired of pugging. hit me up if you still need a dk that knows how tc.

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