RDruid Lf a Permanent Rbg team!

Ok so I started out on a pve server and quickly found that I love pvp. So in thinking that I liked wpvp a lot, mixed in with tons of Rbgs I moved to Kil'Jaeden server. Well I have found myself wanting to do nothing but Rbg's since I moved there, but can not find a high mmr team wanting to push rating seriously. I am not sure if it is because I do not know many people, or if most of kj is focused on wpvp. I pug groups constantly and lose rating doing so. I am looking for a great team that I can complement with my healing skills. I learn fast and am a overall great healer. I do not rage and I do as I am asked to do. I am willing to server transfer. I am reliable and show up daily through out the week for Rbgs. Any suggestions on a team that really wants to push rating seriously, would be very much appreciated. Thank you! <3
Wrong faction.
I get that horde have more to offer in rated pvp, but I would like to stay alliance and give them something to stress about. Alliance can be good if people would stop transferring. I will be Alliance for life and I will find a good Alliance team to play with. :)

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