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My group was initially ~2050 the first week into MoP but has since hit a wall. Over the past week we've had a string of bad Target Callers and/or low DPS DKs. My group has always worked only on referrals as players pulled from Trade Chat has proven to be absolute fail (even this has run aground). Therefore, I am reaching out to the DK community in the hopes that there is a DK TC here that is capable, geared, and able to play at this level at this point in the season and forward. The team will be pushing rating throughout the season and are serious about RBGs. I will check this post throughout the day and answer any questions you have (or respond to flame as I expect to see it).

Information about the group:
Disc Priest (2100 Exp)
Resto Druid (2400 Exp)
MW Monk (2300 Exp)
Mage (I cycle between 3 due to availability)
Warlock (2400 Exp and Hero)
Boomkin (2000 Exp)
Shadow Priest (2000 Exp)
Death Knight (You)
Flag Carrier (open warrior Preferred)
Optional DPS (recently using a Rogue but open)

I must state that our core players are serious about pushing rating and we play whenever we have everyone online (this ranges from 3-7 days a week). Furthermore, our group is very vocal as we call everything (CCs and enemy players flanking and behind the group).

As the DK TC, you must understand your class and role. Furthermore, you should keep up on all the research that involves your class and know it without hesitation. While gear does not equal skill at this current rating gear is extremely important as enemy teams will be in T2 or atleast half Tyrannical at this point. In addition, as a DK you should always be top 4 in DPS (I say top 4 because my Spriest and Warlock are outstanding). You must also be able to take criticism as everyone is always open to scrutiny for the betterment of the team.

I would like someone who is vocal and will talk over players (you will have to) and has experience target calling at a higher rating. If you haven't target called at this level or higher then a recommendation as to your TC skills may be requested. I highly prefer someone that's around our CR but am open to lower (or higher) ratings.

Common Mistakes
Targets are called based on position; therefore don't call healers who are out of range of your grip or not even in the fight.

Don't chase targets; you're a DK, if you're chasing something you're doing it wrong.

If Gorefiends Grip is up, so is Solar Beam; this is a problem, rectify it (Call it out before you do it).

Don't run out of range of healers, see mistake #2.

They're focusing you, why you no Blood Presence?

You're the DK and #5 on DPS; this is a problem.

Don't run away from the group to peel for the FC or capture a cart. That's not your job, if you're away from the Boomkin you're doing it wrong.

If there is a rogue sitting on our healers (who are 40 yards behind you) don't tell me to 'CC' it; do your job.

Understand that Shadow Priest and Boomkin burst is based on procs; you should know this.

If any of the above Common Mistakes doesn't make sense to you this isn't the group for you. I should also mention that I have a sarcastic humor (as seen above).

I look forward to your questions/responses.


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