Rebirth: New Weekend 10M Raid Team LFM

Whatup Thrall. As the title reads Rebirth is a new raiding guild, and I'm seeking more people to fill in the gaps for the group.

As of now the guild is still small, but Raid Progression is/will be our main focus.

*RAID SCHEDULE: Saturday and Sunday 2pm-5pm Server Time*
(You don't have to raid long hours 3-5 days a week to get stuff done)

As of this post I have 3 Open spots. 5 current members are all friends of mine in RL. We all have extensive raid exp 3 of which have been Guild/Raid leaders in the past.(all of us are ilvl 500+ as well)

1 Plate Tank
2 Ranged Dps
*Still no lust for the group so Mage and Shamans are of HIGH priority*

For More info PST me in game or my battletag: Dually12288#1414 or my Officer Aphanda in game battletag: Brookelynn#1840
What ranged DPS classes are you looking at? I have a few geared alts and your time would work good for me.
we dont have a lust yet so if you have a mage or ele shaman that would be awesome
bump for updated info
If only your raid times were different Dually, me and Mastar would be on it );
what times you looking for Dez
They're probably way off for what you guys are thinking but like 2-3 days during the week 10-1, but I can't imagine that'd be best for you guys hahah
il you are lf a windwalker monk you can msg me rebeltravis#1316 since my work just change me to overnights. i have raided in pre bc,wolk,cata ilvl 485
sorry Mojo im full on melee do you have any ranged?
Are you still in need of a Healer and Plate Tank? If you are I could fill the healer role on my pally and I have a Prot Warrior friend who could pick up the tank role. Let me know if interested.
Yes we have not filled those spots permanently yet contact me when you can
spots still havent been filled permanently...bump
bump for updated info

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