Huge bot problme here. Please help

Hello everyone. I contacted a GM about this, and it would look like they are not going to be helping out unless we do a mass report and hopefully find a GM that will hear us out.

If you type /halls on our server you will notice that there is a lot of lv 80 hunters running around in Shattered Halls. I went down there to see if it was just bugged, or something. I sat there for no more then a minute and saw about eight hunters fly into the instance Horde and Alliance . Also if you inspect them you will notice that they have the same gear. I would put a few names so you can compare but its against the TOS to be doing that on the forums.

How you can help:

Report this to the GM's cause I'm sure if enough of us report this something will get done. also manually report them.
its all RaF gear, is why they're all geared the same.
@Nezztolok what exactely is RaF gear? :)
I also noticed this late last year, when I had first come to the server. Shattered Halls filled with 80 hunters. I just transferred back to the server for good, and just randomly thought about that again the other day, and of course, they're still there. I've never taken the time to go check out who was going in and out, but it is a curious situation.

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who had noticed this going on.

EDIT: I just did a check on /who and there is only 1 80 hunter in Shattered Halls. Who knows.

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