[A] Beware the Sheeple (2/12) LF 2 DPS

Beware The Sheeple

Tank - Blood Death Knight - 1 trial slot available
DPS - Spriest/Mage - 2 trial slots available

Raid Nights:
Currently we are running Tues/Thurs nights 8pm-11pm Stormrage server time. Once team is solidified, a third day may be implemented.

495 ilvl + preferred. Skill is always taken over ilvl with constant performance.
Must be able to make both raid nights. Knowledge and experience of 16/16 pre-5.2 raids is required, along with knowledge of AT LEAST the first 3 strats in Thone of Thunder - Exp isn't required but preferred.
bump ^
Currently have an opening for 1 spriest or mage.
Any chance you might want a 506 warlock? 4/12 so far :)

Gaspin 1930 is battletag

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