487 MW monk 484 Spriest LF a guild!

487 MW monk with 1/6H experience and 487 (disc/spriest) with 6/6 experience are looking for a casual/semi-hardcore raiding guild to run with. We are both experienced with our classes, and I have been playing since 2004.

We are currently trying to catch up in gear as fast as possible and we are using PVP gear to our advantage.

  • Priests name is Badxpriest.
  • Monks name is Badxmonk.
  • We have good synergy together and our schedule is quite flexible.

    We can raid at the following days and times.

  • Wednesday : 2PM server - 8 PM server
  • Thursday : 2PM server - 8 PM server
  • Friday : 2PM server - 12 AM server
  • Saturday : 3PM server - 12 AM server
  • Sunday : 2PM server - 8 PM server
  • Monks battle tag is MonkQT#1287.




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