Can't decide whether to level Druid or Pally

I'm at an impass, anyone who has both care to give me the pros/cons of both.
-General fun to play...
make a lock
Well, Narhoof, I would have to say Druid of course! Now, my opinion may be biased, but I do have a level 90 Paladin as well as this 90 Druid.

In my experience playing a Paladin, I could never enjoy it as much as my Druid. Sure you can do everything (tanking, healing, dealing damage), but it bored me rather fast. I'm not a big fan of sitting in someone's face and pressing 3-4 buttons at a time until I get my Holy Power up to deal a big crit.

As a Druid, I can do everything a Paladin can do, but so much more! I can shift into 7 different creatures and do every single role imaginable. I can be a melee DPS, a ranged DPS, a healer, and a tank. I am able to hold down a fair amount of CC (the cyclone nerf isn't too bad for Feral) and deal amazing DPS with my CDs up. When my allies are low, I can throw them a quick heal with Predatory Strikes (if I'm feral) or with Nature's Swiftness. Although it may be challenging to survive as a Druid, I have some tips and tricks I would love to share with you if you play a Druid and need some advice.

I hope that you enjoy a Druid as much as I do, and let me know if you need any help!
Yeah! I actually would really appreciate that! :D
This was my main from the end of BC. I can't bring myself to level to 90. I'm just so disappointed with the class this xpac. So, with great regret, I'd recommend paladin over druid.
I have 3 druids - 2 at 90 and one stuck on a crappy server at 85.

The question really boils down to which you enjoy more. We can't answer that question for you.

I would say right now from a healing perspective that a pally brings a little more to the table but that doesn't mean I enjoy that play-style over druid healing so I play what I enjoy over versatility.
I have both a 90 pally and druid, and while I recommend neither this patch, if you are dead set on druid or pally go with druid. I find eclipse to be more enjoyable than holy power
Pali, everday and twice on Sunday. Leveling my Ret has been a 100% improvement over this Druid. Building Hpower is nothing compared to the crap eclipse mechanic; or building up combo points with a measly 100 energy (neither are fun).

Resto is the only reason I'm still playing this toon, but I'm not sure Holy isn't an improvement over Resto in the same way that Ret trumps Feral and Boomkin.

As for the tank specs, I'd say both are equally fun. Though Prot can help more to save a group than Bear.
I have both a druid and a pally that I have leveled to 90.

What class do you want to run as a druid? PvE or PvP?

Balance: You can do it all. Melee Ranged DPS heal and tank. We are so versatile!

Balance: Good DPS if geared well for PvE. We also need to be a turret any movement greatly decreases DPS. At 90 anything below 485 your a wet noodle. PvP is a very high skill cap.

Feral: High skill cap to play. Missing an execute will greatly lessen your DPS. PvP high versatility and great if knowing how to play the class.

Resto: Since 5.2 we have become very good. The passive buffs to us really push us to be upper eshelon healers. Very very effective swing heals.

Guardian: OMG HP is through the roof. I have seen qute a number of bears to be pushing 1mil+ HP (w/ CD's up). With recent magical resistance buffs guardians are becoming more sought after for raiding.

Asthetics: Very limited. If you glyph stars for boomkin you can see, and if you like tree form your only going to see your weapon x-mogged. Bears and cats are always going to be bears and cats lol. Although T1 will always look great.

Fun-ness factor: Pick your poison. Like I said you can Tank heal DPS ranged and melee. The class can do it all.

Paladin: Tank heals and DPS. Another very versatile class.

Holy: I have it spec'd however I have had little experience with them. We have a holy paladin in my raid group and he is always top of the charts with healing numbers. It is a fantastic healing class. I cant wait to play it more.

Ret: I used to have it before I switched to Holy but to me its not very fun. I dislike the overall feel to the class. However, if geared the overall class can be quite powerful.

Prot: I have had the most experience with this class as Paladin. YOU WILL NEVER DIE QUESTING!!! There is just so much dodge, parry, and blocking. The damage mitigation is bar none the best. I just could never die with all the CD's. You can chain pull for questing and insta-que dungeons.

Asthetics: She is a Draeni and T1 looks great, as well as the T4. Overall IMO draenii is the way to go.

Fun-ness: Holy Pally seems to be pulling awesome numbers, prot is faceroll but fun IMO, and ret just seems blah for me.
I would go with whichever one has instant Flight Form.
Both classes are pretty fun and both can do all roles (tank/dps/heal). Both classes make excellent flag carriers in BGs. Neither one is particularly OP or weak at the moment. So I can see why it's a tough choice.

But the two classes are completely different in play style. Pallies are rather straightforward. Playing a druid effectively is very involved.

Shapeshifting complicates things and you can only do certain things at certain times. As a druid you absolutely have to have an arsenal of macros to be effective, and you run out of keybinds rather quickly. With paladins, all of your abilities are more or less available at any given moment, and you are always wearing plate-- with druids you only get damage mitigation in certain forms. I only have one or two macros on my paladin and even those are not mandatory. My druid has at least 20 macros, and about 10 of them I could not live without.

Only play druid if you think you can really get into its complexities and have fun. If you'd rather just get in someone's face and smash things, pally is the way to go.

Only play druid if you think you can really get into its complexities and have fun. If you'd rather just get in someone's face and smash things, pally is the way to go.


I have both as well, though my druid is 90 yet (obviously) and I don't raid, so my limit is 5 mans, questing, and just general fun.

Everything about the paladin is straight forward.

Ret can be fun, but it's far from challenging. What I like about Ret is the utility as an offhealer is better than that of Feral from what I've experienced in this patch. Druid feral is a little more challenging to keep going but then again I suck at it. But part of that is Druids are a very very very complex class from what I've seen with a high skill cap to be good.

But from an aesthetics view point, Ret is better. But I like swinging a sword and seeing my transmog of judgement. Glpyhing judgement so it looks like Holy Fire is just cool.

Never liked Moonkin, the Eclipse function seems like Blizzards lazy attempt to give moonkin more buttons to push, when reality you are still only pushing two buttons, just depending on your eclipse.

Again, Paladin is far more straight forward to do. Nothing extremely challenging about learning paladin tanking. I've always found druid tanking far more challenging due to the lack of the toolbox available to warriors and paladins. As a paladin tank, I always felt I had good control of pulls from the very start. Same with my warrior. However, my druid always felt a little hectic at first (talking about 5 man trash, I know...serious business).

Again, from aesthetics, paladin wins IMO. Shields, swords, Holy Fire Judgement, throwing shields, etc.

I find druid healing very challenging. It may be that I started on a priest and then went paladin and never really tried druid healing in earnest so it always felt foreign to me in style. But good druid healers are just awesome. They are my favorite healer to have when I tank.

Paladin healing...again...straight forward. The only challenge is getting to the top tier by learning your utility spells, but even then it's not particularly hard. A few things I like about paladin healing, I like going in and swinging in melee range to regen mana. Makes me feel like how a paladin should be.

Aesthetics...about the same on this one.

But I keep coming back to my druid. Its a far bigger challenge I've found. What I don't like is for example, if I"m running feral, and I hope out of form to toss some heals, I feel vulnerable but if I'm Ret and I step back to toss a few heals out to help, I don't feel that I lose much survivability or time since I'm not changing forms. I'm still wearing plate.

Druids are a challenge as they have SOOOO many tools and techniques that maybe it's beyond my skill level to master, but I still like trying.

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