Casual Progression Group LFM 12/12

We are a casual raid group that raids 3 nights a week with a relaxed atmosphere but still puts prioity on progressing through the current tier of content with that being said we pride ourselves on having fun while killing bosses we are currently recruiting the following:

1 Ranged DPS -(Warlock,Ele Shaman,Boomkin)
1 Melee DPS- (Rogue/Warrior)
1-2 Heals (Resto Druid// Mistweaver Monk//Disc Priest)

Will also consider other classes and are always looking for more casuals/back ups

Raid days and times : thurs,sun,mon 6-9pm server (PST)

Currently 12/12 (Bonus points if your canadian XD)

if interested whisper Zoozah or myself Malthorian in game or you can add my battle tag toxic.reign#1124
Still LF that DPS and Tank.

Currently we are 4/12.

Great friendly adult environment!
bump for a solid ranged dps
Still looking for a solid ranged dps Warlock,Mage,Ele Shaman
Bump for that Lock out there that is looking for casual progression! We know you exist!!
WTB a lock dps
Still in need of a solid/reliable lock dps
Lei Shen down just need to fill that ranged slot and push into heroics .....
Help us Help you! If you haven't gotten a green fire quest Tome, then i got one with your name on it if you pass recruitment!
<Faded Chaos> is recruiting raiders for a relaxed 10 man raid team looking for 1-2 dps prefer rogue/lock and 1-2 healers (resto druid/disc priest)but open to other classes thurs/sun/mon 6-9pm (12/12) looking to start on heroics. Also accepting casuals pst
Are you still looking for a disc priest?
If only your raid nights were on weekends. :(

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