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Hello my girlfriend whats to play wow so i trying to find her a great Horde side PvE realm so she can Learn hwo to play without geting ganked bye alliance while questing on ravenholht
She shouldn't have too much of a problem on Ravenholdt...the PvP is virtually non-existent at low levels but for a few random encounters.
I cant speak for the Horde experience, but over the past month of leveling as Alliance Ive been involved in exactly three world pvp encounters. Only one of those was a high level player ganking me. So, yeah, its pretty quiet.
If your girlfriend is really set on a PvE server, tell her to roll on Fizzcrank and drop Toji a PM when she can use a mailbox.
Illidan or Cho'gall are essentially PvE servers if she's going to roll Horde.
if she wants to roll horde then illidan or area 52
I have a non played toon on LLane...from the forums, they seem like a decent server and strive to enjoy the game.

You may want to check out their forums as well.
I would recomen Wyrmrest Accord. Very friendly player base, and she can get into the RP circuit. And if she isn't into that kind of thing then there are still lots of friendly players over there. Lots of old world raids and help with dungeons. I have a few friends on that server too if you need someone to talk to. =)

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