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So while running raid finders with my girlfriend, we were discussing the problem of the raid finder loot being completely unintelligent. Here is an example: In Terrace, my girlfriend did Lei-Shi and was wanting the gun to drop. She ended up getting a different piece of loot, one she didn't even need. I had the thought, it would be cool if we could, when queing for a raid finder, select a specific piece of gear we want from a boss, either by a dropdown or some other system. It would cost several of the charms to do this, perhaps as many as 5, and it wouldn't change the chance of getting a loot drop, but it would guarantee that if loot did drop, it would be the piece you are looking for.
PVE/raiding is not like pet battles.
It is not a game of collecting X of Y items.
You will not 'catch them all'.
You WILL be vexed by specific items never dropping, or by a one-time pug player winning the roll when it does drop.

And life goes on.

Putting an upper limit on how long it will take you to gear up is boring, and defeats the whole purpose of a diminishing curve of improvement.
I agree the system is crap but I don't like your idea either... if it just did what it says it does "Gives Gear to who needs it most" the system would be fair and fine but it does not do that I have tried for that exact gun on my hunter and watched hunters who already had the damn thing get it again. I know how unfair it is, and people who have no life will say just play 24/7 and run it 10 times to watch it go to a bunch of people that don't need it. Well I have a life and no time for that crap... we just all need to let blizz know their system does not work and we are tired of it... and its not just a few people go on any relm and start talking about it in trade people hate it!

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