(H) Organized Crime is recruiting 3/14H

Hunter spot may be filled

Due to a major RL issue we now currently need a non warrior tank.
Bump for some shaman love
Bump for a tank spot due to time changes at work.
bump for some tank love and just general recruitment.
Bump to the top.... College started and with work and college we now need a Ele shaman with a resto offspec for our main team.
Bump for some Shaman love
Bump for some Good DPS LOVE..
Due to some RL issues and stuff we need to find a few DPS
Bump for some dps
Also one with heals and lust

Hunter / Shaman would be great for one of them.
Still looking
Bump changing Thursdays to Tuesdays in a week or so.
Bump for some DPS and casuals or even groups of friends wanting a place to hangout and have fun.
Still looking
Looking for some plate tank love
1/13h ToT xp and 4/14 flex and RF
my schedule for work changes but i should be able to make the raids
Looking for heals and dps
Would a rogue work?
Sure gun please contact me in game.
Hoping you will see this Dom - It's Gun on my alt. I am unable to log in game due to computer issues, should be back by Saturday!

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