A modification to disenchanting in dungeons

I at this point know nothing we can do will change the system.

The only thing I can do is simply not do enchants for people who ask in trade for enchanters.

I figure they can either spend money buying enchants off the Ah and try to sell their mats or not have enchants.
I'm an enchanter and I've seen other enchanters complain about people getting enchanting mats in dungeons in the past. I got an idea of how to make it so it doesn't seem like people are taking advantage of your skills in dungeons and you aren't getting anything out of it.

If you do a disenchant roll and someone else does a disenchant roll if they win you'll still gain a certain amount of materials related to that material.

For example :

You roll on a blue item
It's an Etheral shard
someone else wins it and they get the etheral shard
but you as the enchanter whose skill is being used gain 1 small etheral shard (1/3 of the item)

You roll on a purple item
it's a purple shard
someone else wins it and gains the shard
you gain 2 etheral shard (2/5 of the item)

You roll on a green item
It's a mysterious essence (ME for the sake of not writing it a million times)
someone else wins it and gains 1-4 mysterious essences
You gain 1 ME if it's 1 ME, 1 ME if it's 2 ME, 1 ME and 2 Spirit dust if it's 3 ME, 2 ME if it's 4 ME.

You roll on a green item
it's a spirit dust
same rules as ME. Basically you gain as close to half of the green mat as possible. Except for 3 spirit dust you would only gain 1 spirit dust.

Sorry I forgot some of the names for some of these items but I think you get the idea. I've run dungeons and heroics as both an enchanter and as a person who isn't an enchanter and I can see why enchanters complain about other people getting all these mats and they don't gain anything from it and the only reason the other people gain anything out of it is because of your profession. It's great as a non-enchanter to go into a dungeon or heroic and get those mats though but I think it would be nice for the enchanter to get something out of it as well (besides the normal dungeon/heroic things such as gear, rep, exp etc). Use these same rules for other purple, blue, green and white enchanting materials in the lower lvl dungeons/heroics as well.

very good idea
There's nothing wrong with the current system. It's a dead horse topic.

How about this. Let me know how you would feel about this loot roll... when you skin a beast in a dungeon, everybody gets a loot roll on the hide. When you mine an ore node in a group, everyone gets a roll on the ore. When you pick an herb in a group, every body gets a roll on the LOOT from the NODE...

THAT is actually a FAIR mechanic for groups. Rather than just saying.. Ok, because there is an enchanter.. everybody gets a disenchant option, make it even across all professions.

You all know as well as I do, if blizz ever did that, the posts from other gathering professions whining and crying and screaming bloody murder in righteous indignation, would run into the millions!

How bout this then? Disenchanting becomes its own separate profession, so you would have to take up both profession spots for it, you know, like skinners/LW, herb/script, but as long as you get your gathering profession AND your actual crafting profession together taking up only one profession slot, I feel no sympathy for you. Everything is fine, nothing is broken.

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