LF 2 day/week raid group or guild

Looking for a 2 day/week raid group (or guild) - Alliance or Horde

Suitable raid times:

Start: No earlier than 7PM Server time. 7:30PM server time would be PERFECT.
End: No later than 11:30pm Server time
Can be a little more flexible on Friday nights
Can do the occasional 3rd night.

Toons on offer:

DPS Deathknight
Enhance Shaman
Hunter (MUCH MUCH prefer to play either of the above as my main. More than happy to play hunter on nights when we need extra range or a specific pet buff)

About the player:

I'm a "hardcore" raider with a limited amount of time to raid due to life and family obligations. Alot of average players like to throw that term "hardcore raider" around without much to back it up. I actually strive for perfection and am always within a few % of my simulated single target DPS. My raid awareness is well above average.

I don't have any noteworthy achievements to mention since moving to Aman'thul (4'ish years ago). However, prior to moving here, I was with an amazing group of people. We raided as a 10man group 2nights/week @ only 2 hours a night. We did a 3rd night as 25man with another guild. We achieved a 'Tribute to Insanity' on our 3rd week of Heroic Trial of the Grand Crusader on 30/11/2009. We were fairly undergeared at that point and accomplished it around the same time as many "high end" guilds that raided far more than we did. Our first time on LK - we were 5% away from killing him by the 10th attempt (this was pre-ICC buffs/nerfs). Sadly that was the last raid I had with my old team. Also prior to moving here, ranking in the top 100 to 200 on WoL was almost a weekly thing (without artificially inflating the numbers via tricks of the trade, Unholy Frenzy, etc) .

Fast forward to today, my most recent raid team fell apart due to the attendance boss. So now I'm looking for a decent group of people to raid with. A group that's mostly established and looking for one more DPS to round out their team. What I can offer a raid team is solid DPS, reliability and fast learning of fight mechanics. If anyone is interested please reply here, chat with me in-game or send me an in-game mail and I'll come looking for you.

Thanks for your time.
Go ele you bastardo!

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