<Praxidice>12/12 Late Night 10m LF Healer/DPS

Praxidice is 7/12 ToT and looking for a healer with DPS O/S for our core raid team! We are a 10 man raid team who enjoys having fun with our progression.

Our raid times are Thurs, Sat, and Mon, 11:30PM - 2:30AM server time. We will sometimes stay a bit late if we're close to a progression kill.

We are seeking a strong healer with a DPS O/S. We strongly prefer a druid or shaman for utility purposes, though monks will also be considered. Please be 500+ ilvl. Similar experience is preferred but not necessary.

Our current healers are a holy paladin and a holy priest. Our other members are a warrior, paladin, hunter, mage, rogue, shaman, and death knight.

If you're interested, we'll be holding trials starting this week. Apply at www.praxidiceguild.com, leave a message here, or message me in game!
Still looking! We cleared 7/12 tonight, so starting with Primordious on Saturday!
10/12 tonight! Still looking.
Dps warrior
11/12 bump!
Bump again!
Bump bump bump!
We are officially 12 out of 12.
Bump! Still looking for a healer with O/S DPS. We're really hoping for a druid, though shaman and monk are still options!
Starting heroics next week!

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