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Triumph is not just a guild, its a philosophy. We are not a raiding guild. We are casual guild who is interested in experiencing as much Azeroth has to offer without sacrificing the most important thing in the World of Warcraft....fun! Triumph isn't about having the best gear, or taking down the most difficult bosses, though we hope to do those things. Triumph is not about uber pwning, mad 1337 loot, Chuck Norris, or being the first guild to accomplish tasks on Zul'jin. Triumph will not run you through instances at your request nor will we act as transporters, gold lenders, or a power leveling service.

What is Triumph about? It's about best friends playing together. Its about helping the guy next to you achieve for the good of all. Triumph is not a guild, its a community. A place where you can go, and know that the people around you are people you can count on. We have rules like any guild. But those rules are guidelines that keep the guild running effectively. Triumph is about content. The guild has its own culture and flavor that is unlike other guilds in Azeroth. How do we define Triumph? Triumph is achieved by reaching your objective. Our objectives are very simple:

Community First

Character Growth


We know what we want. The only question remains.....Are you with us?


Triumph works hard to reach every type of player, yet we recruit people, not players. We have 3 raid teams that work on current progressive raid content. We have five clubs devoted to Achievements, Old Raid Content, PVP, Transmog, Social Aspects/Roleplay. We have an event nearly every night of the week. We are an Alliance guild focused on achieving goals together.

For more information send a mail or whisp to Anira in game or post below.
For more information: www.legendsoftriumph.net
Just reiterating that we're still interested in new members :)
Still around? :)
G kicked to many people? EH

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