On a LowPop server or faction? Talk to us!

LowPopWow is a new bi-weekly podcast that discusses the rewards and challenges of playing on a low population server or faction in the World of Warcraft. Our goal is to acknowledge the challenges by sharing strategies that players and guilds can use to improve the quality of their game play, and to recognize and celebrate the rewards that come with this unique environment and culture. To do this we draw our guests from the player-base, and ideally each episode offers a round-table discussion of that week's topic by people from a variety of servers and factions.

The show airs live with a chat room at 4pm CST every other Sunday on twitch.tv/lowpopwow and is hosted by Hathorr, who is also the newest co-host of MyEpicHeals.

You can follow us on Twitter @LowPopWow, like us on Facebook at LowPopWow, or visit out website at www.lowpopwow.com. We currently are a labor of love, and are not sponsored or affiliated with any media networks.

We are currently looking for guests, topics, suggestions, and audio clips!

Upcoming episodes:

Sunday, April 14: Learning to Raid
On low pop realms, raiding guild often do not have a wide pool of experienced raiders ready to jump into normal or heroic raids as soon as they are recruited. Similarly, players who are looking to start raiding often are at a disadvantage when it comes to securing a raid spot on these realms. How do guilds and players make the jump from LFR to normal raids?

Sunday, April 28: What we Love!
While Blizzard often has the best of intentions when introducing new features to the game, they can sometimes have unintended or exaggerated consequences for those on low pop realms. This episode seeks to identify and explain what we love about low pop so that when calls for change go out, there is a resource that establishes what we value and don't want to lose with future game changes.
***This is the episode that needs YOUR input the most! Please email us or leave a voice message so your voice can be heard!***

Want to be a guest?
Email hathorr at lowpopwow dot com with information about your character, server, and what unique perspective you would being to the show, as well as specific topics you feel you would be qualified to speak on. We do screening interviews in vent to check sound quality and to make sure that your input is not something we already have covered with another guest or episode.

Want to suggest a topic?
Email hathorr at lowpopwow dot com. Please give as much detail and scope as you can--what players to you think would be interested in this topic, what types of guests would be ideal to discuss the topic, and why you feel it is important to the low pop community.

Want to send us feedback or suggestions?
Email hathorr at lowpopwow dot com. Please be aware that we focus on the positive elements of low pop play more than the negatives, and specifically look for player-initiated solutions to the challenges we face. That being said, we would love to hear your thoughts!

We are looking for YOU to share the reasons why you love your low pop server or faction!
Please leave us an audio message that introduces your toon, your server, and one reason why you love your lo wpop server or faction in 90 seconds or less! You can leave us a message by clicking on the link at www.lowpopwow.com or you are welcome to email hathorr at lowpopwow dot com to make an appointment for us to record you in Skype or Vent.
This looks pretty cool! <looks around for Magus> Should have several folks who'd be good for interviewing!
Email me pleeeeeease, Oolaki!

I basically am looking for people to share what unique expertise, strategies, or perspectives they have, then I do a sound-check in my vent (some headsets just don't work for sound quality I found on our first episode).

See you soon!
Fantastic idea! I will need to add this to my list of things to look into. Thank you for sharing this with us =)
I have a topic idea, inspired by recent conversations, but it's not a pleasant one.
04/11/2013 09:25 AMPosted by Hathorr
hosted by Hathorr, who is also the newest co-host of MyEpicHeals.

That's a pretty good podcast.
I know one benefit.

1700 is Gladiator range.
Also benefit in hunting rares (Thank God for no CRZ), even though TLPD still eludes me! :@
I'm originally from Ravenholdt, myself. I had popped over to yall's pandaria yesterday to help some friends with some dailies and I was surprised at how many rares you guys had up. It's also a bit more risky business doing them there due to being flagged for PvP.

As for the podcast-- that sounds like a really neat idea!
Im so glad you are interested! Please don't hesitate to contact me at hathorr at lowpopwow dot com, I'd love ideas, suggestions--you name it. Next Sunday the 28th we're talking about how to build community across a whole server to help the situation.
Email sent, Hathorr!
Thank you, Oolaki--I joined the Ravenholdt site--AMAZING, by teh way--and PM'd Aerana!
Thank you to Hathorr for putting this together and for making my first ever podcast experience a wonderful one!
I would have loved to have tuned-in this week, but alas -- best friend's 50th birthday.

EDIT: Oops, I'm sorry! Typo! I meant 25th!
I'm pretty sure it's available on Twitch right now and Hathorr mentioned having the edited version on iTunes in the next couple of weeks. I tried to promote Ravenholdt as best I could!

And that's quite the typo, Oolaki >.>

But I'm sure your friend understands, right? 50 is the new 25! I mean, 25 is the new...25?
SO nice to have you on, Aerana! When we do the RP episode in a month or so, I'll have to hit up Ravenholdt again!
SO nice to have you on, Aerana! When we do the RP episode in a month or so, I'll have to hit up Ravenholdt again!

As I told you, it was a pleasure to be on the panel (even as nervous as it made me). I truly enjoyed it.

And definitely, Hathorr! I'm sure there are a ton of great people on the server that would love to contribute to the RP episode. Keep us updated and we'll work hard to find some people around here =)

And if you ever want to give RP a try....

You know where to find us!

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