<Veterans of Wrathgate> Looking to Expand 10m

Our core group has been together off and on for several years, and we work very well together. However we're a small group and are interested in expanding our ranks and getting some 'new blood' in our ranks.

That's where YOU come in!

Right now our core group is FULL, and that will not be changing in the foreseeable future. However we are wanting to create a second raiding group that will bring in new people, and new ideas.

What we are looking for currently:

  • A Raid Leader. We will need someone to lead this new group, as none of our existing members will be joining it (this may change, but its purpose is NOT an alt run, or alt gear group. It will be the 2nd core group of the guild, with full privileges as such).
  • 480 iLvl minimum. This is non-negotiable, especially with how easy it is to get that item level now. Applicants with all the current LFRs cleared will get priority. Those with 500+ iLvl and/or Normal boss kills in ToT will be pushed to the front of the list.
  • Able to take direction. We're not going to tell you how to play, but you should go into encounters KNOWING the boss fights. Yes wipes will happen, but knowing what to expect cuts them down dramatically. Do not expect to have strats handed to you.
  • This includes being in vent. You don't have to talk, but you DO need to listen.
  • KNOW. YOUR. CLASS. With sites like Noxxic, Ask Mr Robot, and Icy Veins there is little to no excuse not to know your spec's optimal gems, enchants, reforges, rotations, major cooldowns, and OH SH*T buttons.

  • As I said, we are looking to build a second raiding group, and that group will be going (unless there's a huge change) on Thursday and Friday nights starting at 8pm Server Time for around 2-3 hours. So we will need ALL roles filled

    1 Main Tank
    1 Off Tank with DPS OS
    2 Healers
    1 Healer with DPS OS
    5 DPS Classes

    We ask that any and all potential applicants please fill out the form located at http://veteransofwrathgate.guildportal.com (please bear with us as the site is new and being updated very very soon to look MUCH better). Any questions can be directed here or you can contact me or my co-gm Cerinne in game.

    We look forward to hearing from you! We will be updating this list as roles are filled.

    We're making a second raiding group and need a raid leader as well as full group. 480 iLvl minimum.

    http://veteransofwrathgate.guildportal.com to apply.
    Nevermind. Role has been filled. Thanks!

    Still looking for people to create a second group.
    Gnomes Need Not Apply

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