(A) ETD Recruiting Tank and RDPS 3/12 ToT

Greetings and Salutations Fellow Compatriots of Lightbringer! Eternal Destiny is currently recruiting 2 Ranged DPS and 1 Tank for our 10 man Raid Team. We are currently 3/12 working on Tortos who should fall easily on Tuesday. We are looking for either a Warlock/Mage or a Hunter, and either a Warrior or Brewmaster Tank. Looking for applicants in the 495-500 ilvl range, and who a have a good grasp of the nuances of there class.
Eternal Destiny is a guild that has been around since the early days of World of Warcraft, although not originally from this server we migrated last year to find a better caliber of raider and now we are looking for you!
Raid Times are Tues/Thurs 7-10 server. We ask you to be at least 15mins early and fully prepared and ready to go. We are a level 25 guild and provide guild repairs, feasts, and lots of fun. We are a mature, adult oriented guild, if you are easily offended, then I am sad to say we are not the right place for you! Message Exariun or Havar in game for more details!
Thanks for reading and have a good evening folks!
Resident Doomkin of ETD
This is a great Guild and you can find no better peeps to play with, so if you are looking for a 10m this is it

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