[H] Progression (25) 2/12N - Recruiting

Progression is a level 25 guild recruiting Horde Side on Stormreaver (PvP).

We are currently looking for two more permanent members for our new raid group - a Frost/Unholy DK and a Warlock, Rogue or DPS Shaman.

We raid three nights a week on Tues, Thurs and Sun from 8:00pm to 11:00pm server.

Our ideal member is one who enjoys their class and is well versed at what it can do, how to tweak their performance by researching online, trial and error, and tapping the knowledge and experience of others. We value your dedication and ability to learn over prior experience and kills.

We also want to grow and include more casual non-raiding members for Challenge Modes, PvP (BG and Arena), Achievements and just having a good time.

If the idea of helping build something from the start and shaping the end result through your actions and participation appeals to you, feel free to reach out to myself, Explosivé (alt+0233), Felroi or Seléné (alt+0233) to chat.
2nd new 25m guild to pop up here today. Welcome!
Thanks. :)

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