Looking to join an active late-night guild

Earthen Ring
Hi Earthen Ring! I just hit 90 last week and am disappointed in my current guild. I'm hoping to find a group of people that are active between the hours of 12am-6am EST who simply enjoy gaming together. I'm not hardcore or anything, but I like any group content, be it farming, scenarios, dungeons or even raids if and when I get the ilevel for it. Healing, DPS... it doesn't matter as long as there are people to group with.

Please feel free to send me a tell in game or reply here if you think I might be a fit for your guild!
If you find one let me know please. I have been looking for a late night guild also.
I'll do that Nephthysis, but it's not looking too promising. This server is pretty much dead at night from what I've gathered.
Well, my guild is always open on recruitment. Given we're not always terribly busy past 3am or so, the doors are always open.
Hi Naderage. I wouldn't mind if bleeding edge events weren't scheduled or anything. I'm just looking for a social guild that wants to do things together.

Edited to add:
I'd love to raid, but I'm not ready. Plus come summer I won't be on until after 3am most nights... then when fall comes around I'll be back to playing from 12-ish to 5 or 6 in the a.m. If you think I might work out let me know. Feel free to contact me in-game.
Catch phrase is actually rather active late into the night till id say 4ish server time if you want to talk to gurio or frostea about a social position
Like Catch Phrase, we always are grouping together doing things as a group. We're very tight knit and always willing to add another to the group.

Geared or not, raiding or social, all are welcomed.
sick mohawk, nader
Hey I'm also looking to join a late night guild but I noticed that all the ones mentioned above are Horde guilds. Are there any good late night alliance guilds? I'm trying everything before i succumb and transfer my toon to a more populated realm

Still looking and haven't given up on the server yet.
I mostly play late at night as well. I am usually on after 10:30 pacific time. Me and another dude have a small level 19 guild and do late night dungeons, LFR, achievement runs and other general late night nonsense. We can't offer an awesome guild full of people but we like to play late at night and are looking for some new friends to hang out with and would welcome you to join us, if not in guild, but as in game friends to do stuff with.
Well, at this rate I'd be happy to run a dungeon or 2 a week with some regular people. I'll keep an eye out for you!

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