Possible transfer, 520 Lock LF Raid Guild.

The title pretty much says it all, I'm considering my options and looking for a raid guild that aims to push progression. Currently I'm sitting at 6/12 ToT, but have already researched the later fights and consider myself to be a quick learner.

If I find something, I hope to transfer around this Wednesday or so. If anyone is interested and wants to contact me, please feel free to @ Grodash#1819
Lol, while I guess some can consider being trolled a form of flattery. One can see I haven't been on Llane in months, so such claims, while false, are based of someone's emotions in the past.

Perhaps next time, one would not hide on an alt to bring up whatever issues they have with me. Either way, any further harrassment made by this individual will be reported, no questions asked.

As mentioned, if anyone has any questions. Feel free to ask me, I'll even address any that are brought up by anything this troll has said.
Again, basing things off what "someone" has said. While I understand you feel like you're defending and helping said person. The reality is things that have happened in the past are sometimes best kept in the past, and people in both parties are often better of moving onward. So with everything said, I'm doing my part, working the job I have and trying to enjoy WoW the way I would like to. So with that said, there is no need for any further discussion. The past is in the past, leave it there and move on. That goes for both you and this "someone."

Now, with that addressed. If any guilds are interested in a warlock who really just wants to leave any issues people may have behind him. Feel free to contact me. I am open to answer any questions.
i like people whose #1 priority in life is WoW. wake up > log in > do nothing > log off > go to sleep > repeat.... never ending cycle of pointlessness. so ez
Lol, I know right? And people get mad because you're doing something you enjoy?

But no, they word It like you would stab your mother in the back for WoW.

Wait.....would some people do that?

EDIT: after thinking it over, I've decided I will not be transferring over and will instead try to push progression with my current guild and fellow raiders. Thank you to those that showed interest though.
"Stab your mother in the back", no. Give up on anything or anyone that trusted or cared for you is completely different. Did you give up those things for WoW, yes.

My intentions were not to come here to pick a fight. It was truly a fluke stumbling upon you right when you posted you were keeping your options open for a better building guild. After reading your post & remembering you more, the dislike instantly came back. I may have respect for you in the game but outside of it, you live a sad life.

If I were one of your fellow guildies right now, keeping you around would not be an option when you publicly announced that you don't think meet your standards.

Once more BTW ... not only had said person's father passed, the father of her 2 children suffered 2 strokes last week. He's in critical condition. All they wanted from you was to talk so that they may feel better. I don't think that was asking too much. Honestly, how can you deny someone anything in a series of unfortunate events when they are reaching out to you. Obviously you still mean a lot to that person. Seems like they are still waiting. I don't think they're ever going to stop waiting. Don't you think that rather sad?

With that being said, we are at 9/12 right now. No doubt we will be 10/12 by Wednesday. You are welcome to join if you like. Everything will be provided for you to get your caracter even further than what it currently is. We are even paying for realm switches & a mount/pet bonus. Personal issues will be put aside. Let me know what you think.
10/12?!? Where do I sign up?
Again, while I have made it clear that I am sorry for the personal loss of a family member, I by no means have the ability to fix everything. Can I imagine to know what such a thing feels like, no that would be impossible. And there was no way I could have known what other things have happened.

But everyone has things going on in their life. I'm not saying one thing trumps another, but one individual can only deal with so much. I have my own issues that I need to deal with in this "sad" life that you claim I have. Am I going to go on and list the things that are going in on with my family? No, because I shouldn't have to. In the end they are issues that me and my family will address.

By all means good luck pursuing your 10/12, and going even further to 12/12 and then heroics.
Hey Mythdanor, what are your current raid times for your guild?
Why is that Halorahsux? Are you interested in signing up? Looks like you're already on Llane. That can't be a coincidence.

Disclosure, let me know if you would like to as well.

Grodash, you are welcome too but first you need to be a decent fellow & call your ex-girlfriend.

Beyond that, a good day to you all.

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