What am i doing wrong?

Well as a point of reference I do take sneak peaks at how other ret-paly's are on stats. And am starting to think am doing something wrong. Do i have to much haste and not enough STR on my paly? Should I drop my haste from 25% to 20% and favor more STR? OR am i fine as is?
There's no such thing as too much Haste... ever.

As for doing anything wrong.

You're below Expertise cap, but not by much.

Also, you should be gemming for Strength, and reforging for Haste.
Nothing is wrong with your gear, though lack of a full set bonus will hurt you somewhat.

What kind of stats are you looking at?

04/15/2013 03:21 PMPosted by Liquidrock
Also, you should be gemming for Strength

I stand corrected.
I should qualify that.. before certain gear levels you do gem strength, but depending on your specific gear somewhere in the 480's gemming haste becomes better than gemming strength.
...Your Feather - GIMME!! >_<

Anyway, yeah, haste all the way; there does not yet appear to be a point where haste nose-dives in value until closer to 50%, where we have the 1s global - and even then, the contribution to ability cooldown reduction should still be fairly strong.

Your should enchant strength on your gloves, though, as the enchant does not give you twice as much haste as you'd get strength; you get the exact same numerical value between the two, and haste is only superior if you can get 2haste:1strength.
not bad, just your rotation could be off and sloppy. i do around 90 after CDS and about 180 with CDS going... course my weapon is !@#$ cause Blizard hates me... yes i'm calling you out blizzard.......

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