Xfering to warrior to horde

Female goblin of course! YOUR ENEMIES WILL TREMBLE!!!
fem orc silly
blood elf guy
I would pick orc, but undead is pretty awesome too, touch of the grave does damage to enemy and heals you, it procs all the time and randomly, for me it hits for around 13-15k and heals me for 13-15k.

Will of the Forsaken+berserker+your trinket=zero fears lol

you also get cannibalize and 1% less shadow damage, minor but helps against most of those annoying casters.

Orcs on the other hand get stunned less and if you get a meta gem with more stun duration reduction you will get stunned for a lot less than other races. Orcs also get a lot of attack power and they get expertise with axes giving you the ability to reforge out of expertise and into something that does damage.
Blood Elves should not be allowed to be Warriors

You sadden me Paladin.
Tauren male looks beast as a warrior, but fails in racials unless you're a tank.

Orcs look awesome and have good racials for both pve/pvp. Male rather than female, imo.

Undead look wicked as casters, but I can't stand the melee animations. However, they have great pvp racials and an improved pve racial compared to before.

Depends what you want. Play what you will enjoy looking at if racials don't mean much to you!
You cant go wrong with Tauren!!
Coughs...human. BUT!....if I was horde it would be either Tauren or Orc all the way. Orcs in warrior gear are just scary lol and Taurens...have....hoofs....and...horns....and....big hoofs.
fem orc silly

It's just such an obvious answer to such an easy question. How are people not getting it?
Female undead is pretty awesome. Love dem flips.
Look at my splendor and doubt yourself for thinking of anything but female orc.
Female Orc.

Also, where'd my mohawk go???
Female tauren!
spend hours watching the tail swing left and right...

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