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REPOST: from General and Bug Forums.

It seems as though the stills on some characters are bugged, or not thought out all the way. For instance, this character, while holding a staff, is turned away from the front and to the side. I sincerely hope that this was not the intention as it looks ridiculous.

Another example, my other toon, "Minikickett," is using two fist weapons and they don't show up correctly in relevance to which hand they are in and just looks tacky. Like there wasn't much thought put into how these poses and weapons should look like while equipped in a still shot.

These are the only two examples that I have so far, there may be more, idk.

Anyway we can get this looked at? and possibly corrected? And if it's in the middle of some revamp, I apologize for putting this post up to begin with.


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