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Ok I know this does not directly have to do with the wow website, but I was uncertain what tag to put this under.

It seems spammers are getting more creative. They have hit my guilds' calender. I have captured a screen shot but it seems as if I cannot link it to the forums.
*correction it seems as if they got on my calender by a mass invite not a guild event*

As pathetic as it is there may have to be a report spam button on the guild calender.

the dialogue on the "event" was
Classified as: Raid
Created by: Kfugvjlyvp
Date: wendnesday april 24 2013 12:05 pm
Discription: 1000000G = 130Usd {code : PVP } Delivery in 10min Cheapest item packages. Gear up to lvl522 Delivery in 3hrs

I am not the guild master I just noticed the you have been invited to an event thing on the calender, if there is not already I suggest having the guild master able to determine a set rank before one can post guild events.

*I have been spammed with this event on the 24 of EVERY MONTH IN 2013, I haven't even looked in 2014*
Or maybe there really has to be a report spam on guild events.

I have to congratulate the spammers on their persistence but this is getting really old
We got hit with the same thing. I sent in a ticket. Waiting to hear back.
one thing i can tell you is my guild was hit with the same thing but it wasnt just the guild there are numerous realms with this issue over the past couple days, blizz said it was a low lvl alt in the guild, thats nonesence cause i am sec to leader i read the logs an that same name or many so far like the one u posted never joined my guild nore got kicked or even came close to even being on the server checked trade chats in mutliple citys they have a addon i think letting them do this but blizzard really needs to find out what it is, imo
It's not a guild event invite, it just an event invite. If you go to the calendar and go to make an event you get 3 options "Create Event", "Create Guild Event" and "Create Guild Announcement".
They are using the create event option and probably sending them out to whoever is on in your guild at the time, you can invite anyone using that option guildie or not. On my server they just tend to invite anyone on at the time and not by guild. You can right click on the event and report user but that only gets rid that one invite. Personally I report one and then type the name of the sender into my ignore list, it gets rid of the rest and you won't get another one until they use a different toon to create it. Good luck fighting the spam!
i have been getting friends inv everytime i log on from all kinds of wierddo from china our some were elasepay for gold our lvling up .if i needed any of this i would do dailys for it . please blizzard do something these people our a big pain in the a.s
I complained to blizz via a ticket and was told i should change my battle tag id.that that should help resolve the issue. I don't see why i need to change my id cause blizz allowed these harassment site to run freely.

I am starting to think blizz is backing the website and the harassment it is giving everyone since they have refused to block this activity that is clearly not wanted.

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