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8/10 It's cool but doesn't catch me as "priesty."

My profile pic doesn't do my gear justice, so here's a screenshot in high detail.


Still waiting on Halo drop in Naxx, so using the flame crown to match my phoenix. :)
8/10 - one of the better uses of a cloak, but the whites are different between robe/shoulders, and the yellow and blue used are not used in complementary fashions.


Less crappy than the armory pic of me.
9/10 I really like that

better view
9/10 lovely. :)

Can't say this is an original, but here it is.
You kinda look like a nun. 9/10 because of the cloak. No capes!

Fester wont drop his 25H belt on mine. Not 100% on the helm either.

Very nice, Zelinei.
8.5 / 10

Even though I see a lot of priests with this set, it brings back a lot of nostalgic memories <3

I like it and green is my favorite color. ;D
9/10 belt doesnt match the rest
Got my Horns today! Now for the tier3 Warlock shoulders to appear on the bmah.
@Dasaq Unique 8/10, not sure about the horns though.

Armory makes mine looks like crap

Sexy Looking! 9/10.

Armory Always makes anyone look like crap.


Still working on the gloves, if you know of any Cape that would look good with my set, let me know!
Need boots that match better than what I have now halp.
@Nixxin You remind me of a Christmas elf for some reason, Unique but not my cuppa tea 7/10
I like the dress, i just feel like you could have gotten better shoulders. 8/10
@Lawliee 9/10 the tabard goes real well with that set, but the helm and shoulders are so common these days.
8/10 I like how instead of using the same set you matched it with different gear pieces :)
That set looks a lot better on a panda ^
I am a fan of male pandas, however being a girl I don't generally play male characters.
I like to add random stuff to mine so it's not the "boxed set" you'd get from wearing all one set, though I can see the appeal.

I don't have a transmog. I xmogged my helm and shoulders to match a set, which has been replaced by other gear and I haven't had a change to mog it back. I had an Ulduar/Nax groove going.

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