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You cannot see my helm or weapon in armory for w/e reason heres a pick of me and my stalker :D


@Hetchy I am not a big fan of the yellow tbh but it does match so ill give you that and its not a normal set either would be awesome if not for the fact that your green eyes stand out and not in a good way they are too out there might i suggest getting a something with yellow/green to accentuate your look... i duno how with robes covering up leg slot ot makes it hard to accessorize but anyway not bad/


Helm is temporary place holder till naxx drops the coin for the tier helm so if your deducting for that know that it is soon to be remedied with a white equivalent halo. :3 just to show I have worked towards fixing that some backhistory ive killed the boss 3 times that is almost a month of nax runs to no avail i think ill start doing 25man soon as i can get a tank and additional healer or dps who knows how to heal quickly... the iceblocks deal 104% dmg so :3
That set looks a lot better on a panda ^
I am a fan of male pandas, however being a girl I don't generally play male characters.
I like to add random stuff to mine so it's not the "boxed set" you'd get from wearing all one set, though I can see the appeal.

I don't have a transmog. I xmogged my helm and shoulders to match a set, which has been replaced by other gear and I haven't had a change to mog it back. I had an Ulduar/Nax groove going.

TRAUMAAAAAA????!!! <3 <3 <3 10/10 for you :)

@Hellsaínt 6/10 never liked the mageweave set for a priest and your helm is the best thing but it isn't transmog'd (is that cheating? ;p) however.. +2 for not being a female human wearing the leggings *gag*
ummm... that isnt fair 0/10 you're not transmogged

on a side note "what are ye lookin at? is it me shoes?"
Khaleesi is lookin smokin......10/10 for sure!!!!!!!!!
@Pherb You're a pally...but I guess your mog is pretty good.
very shadow priesty 9/10

blizz wont show my halo i must be too holy for the armory :(
7/10 Everyone uses that look. Very unoriginal. But in terms of looks it's pretty cool.
3/10 That's not a mog. :< I'm giving you a three, though, because I like the set the chest and shoulders belong to.
A solid 8/10, very nice!

I don't really like your hat and belt, but I like the rest of it. 7/10.

As for myself... I need a better offhand.

Nice looking set, looks almost paladinish. 9/10

I want that head piece so bad! Rest goes great with it 10/10
very dark, very undead; i love it:) 10/10
I know I'm not a priest, but @Ionnara, her set looked great, just had to comment :D 10/10 from me. I really love how you got the tabard in there, matching the colours. Looks great!
7/10, mostly because of the sword. Not sure how I feel about the armor though.

Be gentle, this is my first mog and I don't have everything I want! Also, it's normally for shadow priesting.
8/10 for cute and matching with hair
8/10 for cute and matching with hair

6/10 gold is ugly but you are a female undead hottie........
I like the mask/tier combination. Works very well for a undead Disc priest.

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