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Earthen Ring
I'm an old school PVE'r/RP'r who just recently came back to WoW after two years only to find my current server dead, dead, dead. I'm thinking of transferring back to Moon Guard, or starting fresh either here or WrA. I'm primarily looking for hardcore RP and PVE, but mainly want a fun, active population.

So, I was hoping you for some info on ER. What's the server like? How's the RP (your guild list looks impressive)? I've been playing Horde for years but am not opposed to making the switch for the best experience.

General impressions? Love it? Hate it? Give me some dirt!

I've been on ER since '05, and although I really like the server, I have to be honest. WrA has a better reputation for RP. And when you say "hardcore pve", I'm assuming you mean raiding. If so, ER is pretty low on the totem pole when it comes to raid progression.
this server is dead. save your $$
Solid necro

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